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So Abelow

by Emily Nathan
Joshua Abelow makes simple pictures. That is, they seem simple until you think for a moment – and recognize the ontological complexities they explore and the good-humored auto-critique they perform. His exhibition OH! ABELOW, on view at James Fuentes LLC through February 13th, is comprised of a number of framed drawings and a repetitive series of bright, geometric burlap canvases that somehow manage to avoid redundancy. Abelow, who incorporates text, geometry, abstraction and figuration into... [more]
Posted by Emily Nathan on 1/30/11

Avatar: Portrait of the Artist

A series of drawings on display through February 13th at the James Fuentes Gallery chronicles the struggles of The Artist, a wild, spiral-eyed, long-nosed character who resembles Joshua Abelow, his creator, reflected in a funhouse mirror. The Artist is always naked, and naked in a completely vulnerable way, his body articulated by clownishly rubbery contours and scribbled hairs radiating from his nipples and bunching in crude squiggles over his erect penis. A goofy invertebrate, The Artist... [more]
Posted by Maria Rapoport on 2/13/11

A Look at Georg Gatsas

by Yaelle Amir
Georg Gatsas’ exhibition, , at James Fuentes LLC presents a personal reflection on the dwindling creative community of Manhattan. The show is comprised of two black and white photographs, a looped slide projection, and an accompanying forceful soundtrack. The title of the show is derived from the 19th-century designation of the intersection between the streets Park, Worth and Baxter in downtown Manhattan—a former nucleus of vice and lechery. The photographs insightfully capture the alternative... [more]
Posted by Yaelle Amir on 2/17/08
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