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The Art of Perfection: James Lee Byars at MoMA PS1

On August 11, 1977, the California Museum of Science and Industry in Los Angeles hosted Space Day, a carefully planned and tightly orchestrated media event organized by Whole Earth Catalog editor and environmental activist Stewart Brand. The symposium was an odd pairing, merging the utopian messaging of the back-to-the-land movement with a campaign to establish space colonies put forth by the military-aeronautics industry. In an opening speech, honored guest, astronaut Russell Schweickart spoke... [more]
Posted by Erin Sickler on 8/31/14

“Infinite Personality”

by Charlie Schultz
Maria Lassnig’s brushy oil paintings could work as an antidote to the malady of self-consciousness. They are so potently focused on the body—particularly Lassnig’s body—that they pull you completely out of your own head and take you straight into her’s, which is not often a comfortable place to be. The tremendous exhibition of her work at MoMA P.S. 1 spans her seven-decade career and includes a quartet of films and a room of watercolors in addition to the spread of oil paintings. The first... [more]
Posted by Charlie Schultz on 3/18/14

Civilization: Monumental Materialism at MOMA PS1

 at MOMA PS1 Kari Adelaide Writer, curator and doctoral student living in New York City Colony, an ongoing module of the current exhibition Expo 1: New York, introduces a weekly rotation of artists living and working in the outdoor courtyard at MOMA PS1. The third week of this collective manifestation, titled Civilization: Monumental Materialism, was hosted by the Icelandic artists Hrafnhildur Arnardottir, Ingibjörg Sigurjónsdóttir and Ragnar Kjartansson, who then invited ten additional... [more]
Posted by Magnús Sigurdarson on 3/12/14

Uneasy Rituals

by Hong-An Truong
Yael Bartana’s solo exhibition at PS1 Contemporary Art Center features five video installations that span the last six years. Bartana, an Israeli artist who is now based in both Tel Aviv and Amsterdam, focuses her work on the place that she grew up, exploring social rituals and activities in Israel in stark relation to the constant presence of the State, war, and insecurity.  With a roving and afflicted eye of an anthropologist, Bartana uses her camera to create poetic investigations into the... [more]
Posted by Hong-An Truong on 3/29/09