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A creeping feeling of familiarity

by Charlie Schultz
Yang Fudong is making the boundary between painting and film seem about as sturdy and secure as an old split rail fence in an open field with a tornado whipping on the horizon. Both of his two new short pieces on view at Goodman’s gallery are presented entirely in shades black as ink and silvery white, as a traditional Chinese painting would be. No character in either film speaks; communication is achieved in glances and gestures, while narrative arcs build out of suggested and implied... [more]
Posted by Charlie Schultz on 4/16/12

From Here to Eternity

by Trong Gia Nguyen
Taking its title from a Lawrence Weiner work, comprises works that contemplate impermanence and mortality, often from a personalized, humanist point of view. There is nothing fussy or overly sophisticated about this one. It talks the talk and walks the walk.  The show opens with Maurizio Cattelan's simple photograph of a pen that has just run out of ink, then proceeds to two poetic films  by William Kentridge and Guido Van der Werve, respectively. The latter's Nummer Acht... [more]
Posted by Trong Gia Nguyen on 7/19/09

Echoes of Silence and Presence

by Hong-An Truong
An appropriate follow-up to experiencing Aernout Mik’s installations at The Project is Anri Sala’s solo show across the street at Marian Goodman Gallery. The show, entitled (2008), brings together several of Sala’s work spanning the last five years as a kind of culmination of his own exploration of video, sound, and spatiality.  The show is comprised of four distinct films, Answer Me, After Three Minutes, Time After Time, and Lak-kat, and two kinetic sculptures, one called Title Suspended,... [more]
Posted by Hong-An Truong on 5/31/09