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Freedom To Spend, Clayton Gallery & Outlaw Art Museum and Gryphon Rue present The Shimmer: New work inspired by Richard Horowitz’s Eros In Arabia

Featuring: Clayton Patterson and Tamara Gonzales


Opening reception:
Thursday September 14th 7-9pm
at Clayton Gallery & Outlaw Art Museum, 161 Essex St.


September 14, 2017 - September 28, 2017

++ by appointment only ++



RVNG Intl. recently launched Freedom To Spend, a new label interested in presenting mostly overlooked music in new, considered forms. Freedom To Spend is concerned with autonomous anomalies produced by musicians working within and outside the limits of technology to create intimate art. By virtue of this, the music of Freedom to Spend resonates across a broad sound spectrum, but shares the same detachment from rules and regulation. 

Freedom To Spend is a resource for restoring under experienced, unavailable musical statements that just work from start to finish. Furthermore, Freedom To Spend contextualizes these albums as the artist might envision them now, collapsing / confusing the timeline and inherent response to listen one way or another to music based on its time of origination.

To coincide with this timeline collapse, we are producing an exhibition for each FTS release that will present new work created by contemporary artists in response to the album. 

Clayton Gallery & Outlaw Art Museum and musician/curator Gryphon Rue are proud to present The Shimmer, an exhibition inspired by Richard Horowitz’s Eros In Arabia, the fourth release from Freedom To Spend. 

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Freedom To Spend
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Clayton Patterson, American - b. 1948, Calgary, Canada. Since moving to New York City in 1979, Patterson has focused on documenting the art, life and times of the Lower East Side [LES] in Manhattan. His life’s work includes a number of anthologies, published articles, talks, lectures, speeches, court cases, curated art shows, fashion collaborations with Siki, Clayton Caps, tee-shirts. Patterson was President of Tattoo Society of NY, 1 of the 3 people most instrumental in getting tattoo legalization in NYC, organizer of the NYC International Tattoo Convention for 15 years, Wildstyle & Tattoo Messe since its inception in 1995, Head of NO!art West, creator of NY ACKERS. Patterson's collection of photography, video, art, press clippings, and books comprise a vast archive of Lower East Side history. Patterson’s footage from the 1988 Tompkins Square Park Police Riot became instrumental in exposing police brutality in New York City that was often reported but never videotaped. Patterson’s art practice includes paintings, embroideries, films, ephemera collection, always an outsider, and so on.


“Over the years I have made a number of art projects using fabric of one kind or another. With the Clayton Cap came chain stitch embroidery. I love the richness of color, the surface, the line quality, how it looks as an art work. The piece in this show is connected to spirits, many from long ago, some go all the way back to the stone age. The music brought back images from childhood, a Tribeca rooftop, a Cap, 2 friends, another friend, pets, time and space.“


Originally from Madera, California, Tamara Gonzales has lived and worked in New York for more than three decades. Her work has been exhibited at MoMA PS1, Shoot the Lobster and Martos Gallery, Sargent’s Daughters, Regina Rex, Sometimes (works of art), Norte Maar, The Journal Gallery, and the American Academy of Arts & Letters. Her work has recently been featured in the New Yorker, The Brooklyn Rail, and Hyperallergic. Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery represents her in New York. 


“My work is often a self-exploration of ritual, and aesthetics. Ritual as an activity outside of the studio that later expresses itself in the studio. Ritual in the studio that is a personal activity that later becomes public. Developed over the years I work intuitively from my own personal image bank which has roots in: Kriya Yoga: Orisha traditions: Western Art History: Plant Medicines; and Pop Culture. My plan for Eros in Arabia is to let the music lead me through several sessions of painting. I’ll probably light some incense too.”


Gryphon Rue is a songwriter, producer, and independent curator based in New York City. Recent projects: Guest curator, Strange Attractor, Ballroom Marfa, TX (2017); Gryphon Rue & Benton C Bainbridge duo, singing saw & interactive video synthesizer objects (2017-); Residency, Public Works Department, Governor’s Island (2017); Curator, The Sump, NYC (2015-); Google Portrait EP, Tigersushi (2017); Curator, Earle Brown’s Calder Piece, 1963–66, Calder Foundation, Earle Brown Foundation, Talujon Percussion Quartet, Friends Seminary, NYC (2016); Festival Hongerige Wolf, Groningen, NL (2016); Residency, Ndsm Treehouse, Amsterdam (2016); Lead, LYFE™ by Glass Ghost, Lincoln Center and Performance Space 122, NYC (2015); Music/installation curator, Eureka, Pace Gallery, NYC (2015); Guilt Vacation LP (2015).