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A list of reviews for "Submerged on the Surface" at Eli Ridgway Gallery

  Online reviews for Andy Vogt's show "Submerged on the Surface" at Eli Ridgway in San Francisco, CA, 2013   Kenneth Baker for SF Chronicle:   Chris Rusack for SFAQ:   DeWitt Cheng for SF Examiner: [more]
Posted by andy vogt on 8/16/13

Look out for the unicorn

by Kara Q. Smith
After going to this show, I spent the next two days holed up reading Rebecca West’s Black Lamb and Grey Falcon: A Journey Through Yugoslavia. In around 1200 pages, West details her journey with her husband to Yugoslavia after World War One. Indistinguishable between fiction and non-fiction, she tells stories of past and present lives and experiences, bridging the distance between the reader and the experience. The story opens on a train: I could not have gone on to justify my certainty that... [more]
Posted by Kara Q. Smith on 3/9/13

A Human Urgency

by Parker Tilghman
Deana Lawson’s provocative West Coast solo debut at Baer Ridgway Exhibitions is comprised of both original portraits and appropriated photographs. The exhibition showcases Lawson’s curious eye in unfolding and understanding a Black aesthetic, especially in relation to the photographic image. Her work speaks to notions of power creating a leveled dynamic, which defines an apparent and visceral communication between Lawson and her subjects that is present throughout the photographs. Her subjects... [more]
Posted by Parker Tilghman on 4/25/11

A Unique Line of Sight

by Charles Moffett
Landscapes. Think through, for a spare moment, the little frames in which we look at the land once removed; are they a pull forward or a pull back? In the landscape (paintings apply too but let’s zoom in on photography here), are we stepping back to admire the yawning grandeur of Nature, or are we leaning forward, L-framing like a schmucky Hollywood director, cutting out a little snatch of the Earth to focus on? An opening up or a closing down? Generosity for largeness or ordering the largeness... [more]
Posted by Charles Moffett on 4/11/11


by Parker Tilghman
          Vertigo has returned to San Francisco. In his most recent solo exhibition, artist Chris Duncan has transformed the main gallery space of Baer Ridgway Exhibitions into a disorienting spectacle of verisimilitude. A new hallway built at the front of the gallery blocks the room from  immediate view. Apprehensively turning a corner to enter the space, I felt the overwhelming sensation of falling through the floor. Mirrored acrylic has been placed on the ground and its dizzying effect... [more]
Posted by Parker Tilghman on 9/13/10

Paper Weight: Local History in Paper!Awesome!

by Franklin Melendez
        The third installment of Brian Nuda Rosch’s Paper! Awesome! show at Baer Ridgeway picks up where the previous two left off and with the same premise: limit artists to an 8 ½ by 11 paper canvas (with a notable few exceptions) and a relatively short time frame. The resulting works offer an intriguing cross-section of young and young-ish artists working with a broad range of media. Sprawling over the two level exhibition space, the install certainly has the look of diversity, ranging... [more]
Posted by Franklin Melendez on 3/16/10

Talking with Brion Nuda Rosch about his "New Work"

Talking with Brion Nuda Rosch about his "New Work" By Bessie Kunath   Owners Kent Baer and Eli Ridgway of Baer Ridgway Exhibitions, worked extensively with Rosch to build up to his first solo exhibition simply titled, “New Work by Brion Nuda Rosch”. The gallery became Rosch’s personal playground as he creatively utilized architectural features in a fashion similar to Kasimir Malevich or El Lizitski. The exhibit contains several collage pieces, a video, assemblage and installation.... [more]
Posted by Elizabeth Kunath on 12/17/09


by Andy Ritchie
  Through the serpentine entrance and beyond the reach of daylight, a strong lavender-magenta washes the room's walls, a sort of antechamber within Baer Ridgway Exhibitions. This portentous hum (as visual as auditory) beams from the room's central piece, , and solely lights the room's three resident paintings-as well as my path. BRE, a gallery just four months new, has an enviable Minna Street sprawl (up, down, and all around), and the freedom here to isolate work makes a solo show like this... [more]
Posted by Andy Ritchie on 3/8/09
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