Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts

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ORDAN TIMES Coming together, transcending borders through art Work on display at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts (Photo courtesy of the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts) By Ica Wahbeh "This is a dialogue between artists themselves; it's a humanitarian and cultural dialogue that we are in desperate need of now, after all the distortion inflicted upon us and our identity by some extremists... [more]
Posted by DODI TABBAA on 12/18/08

Cooperation of Cultures

by E-Slant Team
The Project “TOGETHER” in Jordan´s capital, Amman, was initiated by the German art consultant Eva Mueller as a contribution towards a constructive cooperation of the cultures: The diverse points of view being expressed by the artists show connections and points of agreement beyond national, religious or cultural ideas and thus reveal the similarities hardly perceived at the moment and the possibility of mutual understanding. As art consultant and curator Eva Mueller says: with the current world... [more]
Posted by E-Slant Team on 12/27/08