Walter Randel Gallery

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February 20th, 2010 - March 27th, 2010
Winter Kunstkammer Part II: Contemporary Art with Asian, European and Ethnographic Works of Art spanning 4000 years
Charles Birnbaum, Arlan Huang, Ernest Kafka, Ted Kurahara, Josef Levi, Mark Sengbusch, Bruna Stude
December 18th, 2009 - January 28th, 2010
Winter Kunstkammer: Part I Contemporary Art exhibited with works of art spanning two millenia from European Asian African Oceanic and New World Cultures
Charles Birnbaum, Lucien Clergue, Michael Hall, Ernest Kafka, Chad Kleitsch, Ted Kurahara, Mark Sengbusch
September 17th, 2009 - November 7th, 2009
July 3rd, 2009 - August 15th, 2009
Summer Group Exhibition 2009: Selections from the Gallery's Artists
Noa Bornstein, toulinov & Bowie, Lucien Clergue, Josef Levi, Peter Mallo, Karl Mann, Mavis Smith, Jamie Titus
May 1st, 2009 - June 16th, 2009
Of and About Wood Part II: Sculpture & Photography
Lucien Clergue, Michel Delsol, Ernest Kafka, Chad Kleitsch, Peter Mallo, Karl Mann, Adrian Panaro
March 27th, 2009 - April 28th, 2009
Of and About Wood Part I: Sculpture & Decorative Arts
Karl Mann, Peter Mallo in the company of historical works
December 12th, 2008 - January 31st, 2009
Born of the Moment and Method: Photography Scans & Video
Samuel Allison Michael Hall Chad Kleitsch Ernest Kafka Adrian Panaro Hannes Schmid
October 30th, 2008 - December 6th, 2008
September 4th, 2008 - October 18th, 2008
Peter Mallo
June 21st, 2008 - August 14th, 2008
March 27th, 2008 - June 14th, 2008
Woman: Sacred & Profane
Ben Birillo, Lucien Clergue, Michel Delsol, William Donovan, Lisa Fromartz, Mavis Smith
November 29th, 2007 - January 12th, 2008
September 18th, 2007 - November 18th, 2007