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Prosthetic Objects

by Natalie Hegert
          A group show at Wallspace gallery a few blocks away from the Sarah Sze exhibition at Tonya Bonakdar also deals with the transformation of everyday objects, but in a much less extravagant, more lo-fi fashion.  Including work by Jay DeFeo, John Divola, Martha Friedman, Daniel Gordon, Ryan Kitson, Jiří Kovanda, Kiyoji Otsuji, Adam Putnam, Laura Riboli, Judith Scott, Martin Soto Climent, Erika Vogt, Christopher Williams and Mark Wyse, the exhibition--draws its name from a recent... [more]
Posted by Natalie Hegert on 9/26/10

Take Hold

by Charlie Schultz
To paraphrase the Miracles, Mark Wyse has really got a hold on photography. His current photographic installation, Seizure, is a collection of disparate images—his own and the work of others –printed in approximately equal proportions. The overall aesthetic is clean and crisp, and the modestly sized ink-jet prints are mounted traditionally on the gallery walls. With the sources of the images all but obliterated, they take on a radically new function within Wyse’s installation. Seizure... [more]
Posted by Charlie Schultz on 4/25/10

Modern-Day Hieroglyphs

by Yaelle Amir
Shannon Ebner’s new exhibition Invisible Language Workshop derives its name from MIT’s influential Visible Language Workshop, co-founded in 1975 by groundbreaking graphic designer Muriel Cooper.  This facility researched the intersection between visual communication, graphics and artificial intelligence—leading the way to designing for a burgeoning computer culture.  Ebner discovered the program’s practice while working on her recent monograph with graphic design team Dexter Sinister (The... [more]
Posted by Yaelle Amir on 11/22/09