The Metric System

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The Metric System
268 Mulberry Street
(between Houston and Prince)
New York, NY 10012
Venue Type: Alternative Space

Mollie McKinley, curator
Open hours
Gallery type
$5 to general public 8pm-10pm; $20-$50 VIP hour 7pm-8pm
contemporary, emerging, performance

About Us

The Metric System encourages cross-disciplinary collaborations between artists, thinkers, scientists, and political incumbents. We believe in the power of Amateurists – in people outside of “the system”, oftentimes whose naiveté breeds revelation from inside of it. Great filmmakers have always been inspired by literature, literature by painting, painting by science, science by religion. But this requires collaboration – ignorance alone does not create epiphany. It is the subtle compound of knowing and not knowing, of pragmatism and poetics, of meters and pentameters. We offer a System outside “the system” – one that encourages this subtle blend of divergent meters, and not just that haughty supremacy you can buy from a diploma. There is something greater to measure ourselves by.

The Metric System proposes to create:

We propose building a network – a community of deep thinkers and stolid professionals. This will be called a Circuit. Free collaborations within the Circuit will be encouraged by giving financial or work support preference to projects whose members most facilitate the work of others. This maximizes the amount of material generated back into the culture, and increases the probability of progress. It also helps build the Rome of our expanding community in a day.

We propose a forum that artists, thinkers and researchers resuscitate their own expertise by leading workshops on whatever it is they worked so long to make their focus, in or outside of school. These would include a focus on both creative and pragmatic tools – auto repair, shooting 16 mm film, self-sustainable living, public speaking, recording music, etcetera. All the times you’re not leading a workshop, you have the option of attending one. It’s reciprocal. And as limitless as the number of things that we don’t know.

We propose events - live performances showcasing musicians, film screenings, graphic art work, political panels, plays, self published novels, and more.  Art is a conversation. Conversations are with people – in real time.

Organizing events for live spectatorship places a focus on tactile work (in other words money where mouths are) and redistributes mojo away from the distracting requirements of on-line profile upkeep. A website is a platform for the experience of Real Life, and not the other way around.

Live spectatorship reduces the creative stagnation that comes from talking to yourself so much you forgot what you were actually trying to say. The work of artists will be given the platforms that help them receive feedback, participate in active conversations with their audience, and thus create more informed work.

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