On Stellar Rays

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Hints of Something Human

by Michelle Levy
      A bold and silent show, Alpha & is a captivating group exhibition of individual works presented in conversation with one another. Invited in with a proposed “exploration of the body and the body in time,” the first impression of this exhibition is somewhat unexpected in its subtle, nuanced, and overall magical atmosphere. A perusal of the gallery reveals that, although the works selected are distinctly diverse, they are somehow mysteriously connected. Each participates in a... [more]
Posted by Michelle Levy on 1/31/10

Darwinian Ascension

by Hong-An Truong
We know that any contemporary art exhibition entitled “The Ascent of Man” is not really going to be about the ascent of man, not in any classical sense, and in fact, we know that it will most likely be a critique of such a concept. And so one approaches Tommy Hartung’s solo show at On Stellar Rays with some expectation that the work might dabble in sarcasm, irony, or tongue-in-cheekiness. But surprisingly, while Hartung’s video installation does contain elements of irony, it also has a... [more]
Posted by Hong-An Truong on 12/13/09