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I am an artist ( painter

I am an artist ( painter) from haiti. Currently my work is shown only on the internet . If you are interested in custom made small paintings please take a look at contact me for further information! My website is my email [more]
Posted by muller jeanfrancois on 11/16/09

Lethal Industry

by Alison Levy
The recent surge of Bushwick art galleries will have to survive by their wits alone for the time being, whereby the goal of cool experimentation trumps selling.  An exemplar of the resourceful art making practices of industrial Bushwick is English Kills, a gallery established by Chris Harding, who lives in the back and is currently presenting the work of neighbor Jason Peters,  Peters builds large stationary sculptures with undulating, snaking forms which appear to hover and defy gravity.... [more]
Posted by Alison Levy on 11/23/08