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© Victori+Mo Gallery
56 Bogart
Brooklyn, NY 11206
Venue Type: Gallery
Celine Mo and Ed Victori
Open hours
Thurs-Sun, 1-6pm; and by appointment
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VICTORI + MO is a collaborative effort among dealers, curators, collectors, and most importantly artists to broaden exposure and appreciation for unrecognized talents in the contemporary art community. VICTORI + MO harvests emerging contemporary artists and guides established career artists with the mission to expose them effectively and present them professionally to the global art market through a series of social ventures and exhibitions.

In the age of technology where overnight fame for talentless actions is commonplace, it becomes increasingly unfortunate to discover true artistic talents tucked away in the studios and corners of the world with little opportunity to spread their gifts to the masses or penetrate the mainstream systems of today’s art world.  We at VICTORI + MO believe that it is an artist’s job and responsibility to create, not chase.  This is why VICTORI + MO is on a mission to identify real talents in the areas of painting, sculpture, and photography regardless of geographic or cultural background so we can showcase fine art work and fortify the presence of contemporary art in mainstream culture.

Conversely, technology has also made the world a much closer place essentially decreasing our separation from approximately 7 degrees to 4.3.  Borders are blurring and the art market is becoming truly global in nature.  VICTORI + MO’s primary goal is to expand the presence of its artists’ work internationally by establishing presences across various cities and countries on a continuous timeline.  By presenting Western work to Eastern collectors in their countries of residence and vice versa, both cultural and business boundaries can diminish. VICTORI + MO was established to create international opportunities, open artistic dialogue between the inner art world and general public, and most importantly to pull the truly and intensely talented artist out of his or her trenches so they can fully harness their energies and tap their creative potential in the ways in which they are meant.

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