Matteawan Gallery

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November 11th, 2017 - December 17th, 2017
After Some Time
Thomas Huber
October 7th, 2017 - November 5th, 2017
Fragments Remnants Leftovers
Björn Meyer-Ebrecht
September 9th, 2017 - October 1st, 2017
Small Stories
Ky Anderson
July 8th, 2017 - August 21st, 2017
Super Natural
Julia Whitney Barnes, Gabe Brown, ​Matt Frieburghaus, Charles Geiger, Eleanor Sabin, Cecilia Whittaker-Doe
June 10th, 2017 - July 3rd, 2017
Krista Svalbonas
May 13th, 2017 - June 4th, 2017
Greg Slick
April 8th, 2017 - May 7th, 2017
post-magic symbiosis
Vernon M. Byron, Olivia Drusin, Daniel Giordano, Kathy Goodell, Gabriel Hurier, ​Elisa Lendvay, ​Matthew Mahler, Patrick Mangan, Esperanza Mayobre
February 18th, 2017 - April 2nd, 2017
January 28th, 2017 - February 12th, 2017
Dia Staff Art Show 2017
Kathleen Anderson, Mina Barden, Naomi Benecasa, Vernon M. Byron, Kyle Cottier, Malcolm Donaldson, Allison Gazdik, Randy Gibson, Brian Gilmartin, Emily Glascott, Carl Grauer, Gale Griffiths, Lisa M. Gutting, Beth Haber, Stephanie Haviland, III, Victoria Jones, Katelin Kirby, Hui Lee, T. Charnan Lewis, Andi Lu, Kara Magid, Nihal Mahawaduge, Gabriella Mazzucco, Sean McIver, Christopher Mendez, Borris Morris, Jon Patrick Murphy, Jo Nobile, Wade Nobile, Amanda Otero, JP Pacquing, Reese Riley, Michael Ropitzky, Carrie Rudd, Jamie Sanin, Clara Scholtz, Michael Senk, Cory Spraker, Stamper, Max Taylor-Milner, Jacob Vitale, and MC Wolfman
January 1st, 2017 - January 22nd, 2017
Zachary Skinner
November 12th, 2016 - December 18th, 2016
The Flat File Show
Christopher Albert, Gabe Brown, Karlos Carcamo, Marieken Cochius, Susan English, Valerie Hegarty, Thomas Huber, Katelin Kirby, Greg Slick, Wendy Small, S. Gayle Stevens, Krista Svalbonas, Dominick Talvacchio, Kazumi Tanaka, August Ventimiglia, Susan Walsh, Eleanor White
October 8th, 2016 - November 6th, 2016
Skull-Ring Necklace
Scott Daniel Ellison
September 10th, 2016 - October 2nd, 2016
Assembly Required
Janice Caswell
July 9th, 2016 - August 21st, 2016
Pourous Light
Susan English
June 11th, 2016 - July 3rd, 2016
Wind & Rain
Kazumi Tanaka
May 14th, 2016 - June 5th, 2016
April 9th, 2016 - May 8th, 2016
August Ventimiglia: Drawings
August Ventimiglia
March 12th, 2016 - April 3rd, 2016
Rational Curves
Joy Curtis, Ryan DaWalt, Matt Phillips
February 13th, 2016 - March 6th, 2016
January 5th, 2016 - January 31st, 2016
November 14th, 2015 - December 20th, 2015
Myths & Legends of the Hudson Valley
Deborah Brown, Deborah Davidovits, Scott Daniel Ellison, Valerie Hegarty, Jackie Mock, Wendy Small
October 10th, 2015 - November 8th, 2015
Eggshells and Ashes
Eleanor White
September 12th, 2015 - October 4th, 2015
Thomas Huber
July 11th, 2015 - August 30th, 2015
Janice Caswell, Emily Hass, Ryan Sarah Murphy, Cat Poljski, Krista Svalbonas
June 13th, 2015 - July 5th, 2015
Strange Geometries
Greg Slick
May 9th, 2015 - June 7th, 2015
New Social Situations
Sharon Butler
April 11th, 2015 - May 3rd, 2015
Solo exhibition
Lilian Kreutzberger
March 14th, 2015 - April 5th, 2015
Soft Nails
Ellen Siebers
February 14th, 2015 - March 8th, 2015
Jill Baroff, Karlos Carcamo, Matt Frieburghaus, Meg Hitchcock, Laura Kaufman, Stefana McClure, Kurt Steger, Eleanor White
November 8th, 2014 - December 21st, 2014
Jill Enfield, Anne Arden McDonald, Amanda Means, S. Gayle Stevens
October 11th, 2014 - November 2nd, 2014
Christopher Albert
September 13th, 2014 - October 5th, 2014
August 9th, 2014 - August 31st, 2014
Theresa Gooby, Brece Honeycutt, Björn Meyer-Ebrecht, August Ventimiglia
July 12th, 2014 - August 3rd, 2014
Robert Otto Epstein
June 14th, 2014 - July 6th, 2014
A Habitation and a Name
Krista Svalbonas
May 10th, 2014 - June 1st, 2014
The Eros of Mathematics
Dominick Talvacchio
April 12th, 2014 - May 4th, 2014
Green Moon
Scott Daniel Ellison
March 8th, 2014 - April 5th, 2014
between a place and candy: new works in pattern + repetition + motif by fifteen artists
Samantha Bittman, Jeri Coppola, Rob de Oude, Hermine Ford, Tamara Gonzales, Libby Hartle, Brece Honeycutt, Mary Judge, John Silvis, Andrew Spence, Austin Thomas, Colin Thomson, Lindsay Walt, Jessica Weiss, Joan Witek
February 8th, 2014 - March 1st, 2014
Susan English, Winston Roeth, Greg Slick
November 9th, 2013 - December 22nd, 2013
The UV Portfolio
Christopher Albert, Joseph Ayers, Jen Bradford, Karlos Carcamo, Susan English, Lorrie Fredette, Thomas Huber, Leslie Kerby, Matt Kinney, Kimberly Loewe, Ryan Magyar, Kathy Moss, Jeff White
October 12th, 2013 - November 2nd, 2013
Patricia Satterlee
September 14th, 2013 - October 5th, 2013
Borrowed Lines
August Ventimiglia
August 10th, 2013 - August 31st, 2013
Christopher Albert, Liam Goodman, Peter Iannarelli, Matt Kenyon
July 13th, 2013 - August 3rd, 2013
Thresholds and Totems
Mollie McKinley
June 8th, 2013 - June 29th, 2013
New Work
Greg Slick
May 4th, 2013 - June 1st, 2013
Björn Meyer-Ebrecht
March 9th, 2013 - April 27th, 2013
Matt Frieburghaus, Richard Kroehling, Jaanika Peerna, Susan Walsh
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