Kate MacGarry

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Francis Upritchard at Kate MacGarry

by Char Jansen
One of the great things about the London gallery scene is its sheer diversity. Recently moved from their previous location on Vyner Street, Kate MacGarry's current exhibition showcases a solo show by New Zealand-born Francis Upritchard. Their affable gallery manager, who let me shelter from the wind despite the show not officially opening until later that evening, expressed her relief at having moved off the meat market that Vyner Street has become. “We had to stop taking part in First... [more]
Posted by Char Jansen on 9/12/11

Luke Rudolf at Kate MacGarry

by Nicholas James
        For his first solo exhibition at Kate MacGarry Luke Rudolf pitches some truly ’in your face’ statements. Called portraits, they are in fact a long way removed from any comfort zone of easy recognition. The paintings appear spontaneous, chaotic, but take a closer look at the cool grey triangles that intersect swept gestural brushstrokes. The hard edged segments lie before and behind the freehand marks. Each painting is really a calculated composite of different elements: an... [more]
Posted by Nicholas James on 5/16/10