Unix Gallery

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Eden Blu, 2013 Oil On Canvas 55" X 55"
Oceano, 2013 Oil And Pigment On Canvas 57,5 X 57,5 X 1,5"
Eden Rosso, 2013 Oil And Pigment On Canvas 61.5 X 61.5 X 1"
Multicolore, 2013 Oil And Pigment On Canvas 57.5 X 57.5 X 1
Multicolore, 2013 Oil And Pigment On Canvas 57.5 X 57.5 X 1
Primavera Di Botticelli, 2011 Albisola Ceramic Butterflies And Wire Encased In Plexiglass 12 X 9.5 X 6
Unix Gallery
532 W 24th Street
New York, NY 10011
Venue Type: Gallery
Open hours
Tues. - Sat.: 10:00 - 6:00 PM
(212) 208-2426

Representing a wide-ranging, international group of established and emerging artists, Unix Gallery is a contemporary art gallery based in New York and Miami. The gallery stimulates the careers of artists with exquisite artistic execution and compelling, unique concepts; embracing a diverse spectrum of traditional and contemporary artistic practices, from painting, sculpture and photography, to large-scale installations and a synthesis of diversified mediums. 

 Aiming at providing a forum for pioneering and innovative exhibitions, artists represented by Unix Gallery have been meticulously selected based on the individual signature style and have exhibited extensively in galleries, museums and fairs world-wide. 

 As a gallery specialized in the primary and secondary market, Unix commits to the highest standards of connoisseurship and professionalism and eagerly expands within the present, evolving contemporary and modern art market. Functioning as an aperture to the future, the gallery makes an effort to introduce and establish prospective artistic mediums and visions to the subsequent art world.