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Re-Heating Tips

by Aldrin Valdez
Formally, what the sixteen artists of microwave,  have in common is the use of grids or grid-like structures in creating works of detailed complexity. The grid can be seen as a means of arranging sensory and abstract experiences into a system of information that the human mind can absorb and understand. In this light, a traditional painting can be defined as a locus of visual and tactile data contained on the surface of a tabular rectangle. A ledger is a grid format that arranges information... [more]
Posted by Aldrin Valdez on 8/21/11

Up Close and Personal by Chris Bors

While collectors may be purchasing art just by viewing jpeg’s, the drawings by twenty international artists in microwave, five at Josée Bienvenu deserve to be seen first hand. The precision pricks of needle perforations in Xawery Wolski’s untitled sculptural works on paper, or the detailed graphite rendering of a woodsy scene by Tom Friedman, must be appreciated up close and personal.        Ken Solomon’s Plastic Men — a gouache and mixed media trompe l'oeil representation of postage stamps... [more]
Posted by Kristin Dickson on 8/17/07