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I Was Real Careful With It

  " I was real careful with it", Valadez expressed when he was telling the story of his early drawing lifetime.  He said he remembered making a drawing of in grammar school.  As a third grader, most of his schnool mates could not believe he had made the drawing.  But even as a child, Valadez was already respecting his work by being "careful with it".  He was a loner as a child and continues to stress the virtues of solitude as a formula for making art. Valadez is an esteemed artistic... [more]
Posted by Sandra Vista on 10/22/13

Mary Anna Pomonis (Curator of Sanctified)

Mary Anna Pomonis with Charlie Hachadourian's art work The list of questions below were given to Mary Anna Pomonis by me regarding her curatorial exhibition at Vincent Price Art Museum. 1. I read that the idea for this exhibition has been in your mind's eye for about ten years.  How did the show remain true to your original vision and how did it change? In 2009 I was hanging out with Allison Stewart and Carole Caroompas.  Allison, Carole and I had just come back from a show I curated... [more]
Posted by Sandra Vista on 5/14/13

Meow Buddha

Titled Vista presents six large scale paintings, on unstretched canvas that Vista began in 2005.  The paintings integrate bold colors and patterns combined with personal symbolism and spiritual definitions.  Vista comes from a formal background that is seen in her use of stripes and geometric designs.  Also, evident is her influence of the "Pattern and Decoratiion" movement of the l980's. Vista stated that the Buddha series began with the ideas of a Buddha in every painting, however because... [more]
Posted by Islas Pronto on 3/23/13

Interview with Sandra Vista

MEOW  BUDDHA Sandra Vista, February 9- April 26, 2013 VINCENT PRICE ART MUSEUM   1301 Avenida Cesar Chavez Monterey Pk, CA 91754    323-265-8841 The paintings in your show, “Meow Buddha” are large and unstretched and represent almost a decade of redacted painting. The effect is cumulative and process is palpable, could you talk about your process and where it comes from?        The process for this painting series began while... [more]
Posted by Mary Anna Pomonis on 5/13/13

Meditation and Endowments-You are What you Eat

Sonia Romero's art work is part of the inauguration of the new Vincent Price Museum at East Los Angles College.  Romero is featured in "Hoy Space", a space in the museum dedicated to emerging artists.  As a young artist that was invitied to exhibit 2 1/2 years ago, Romero stated that she began her work in a "feisty-politcal mode" and ended her journey on the "beautiful side".  The beginning has images displayed in piles.  "Dead Pile" (2009) consists of a pile of "fleshy" pigs.  Also, there is a... [more]
Posted by Sandra Vista on 8/6/11

Our Boys and Girls Club

The opening of the new Vincent Price Museum at East Los Angeles College is appropriately anointed by "ROUND TRIP" an exhibition of eight alumni artists.  Diane Gamboa, Gronk, Clement S. Hanami, Judithe Hernandez, Willie Herron III, Kent Twitchell, John Valadez and Patssi Valdez are a group of artists that have developed stellar reputations in the Los Angeles art world and beyond.  They are part  of an art historical family in East Los Angeles filled with myths, legends, and political artistic... [more]
Posted by Sandra Vista on 7/25/11