George Billis Gallery- NY

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Flavorpill Critics Pick

If this exhibition was your first introduction to Derek Buckner's paintings, you'd be forgiven for branding him a classicist, even a (gasp) academic. He has a penchant for working on series in which a single main subject is explored in variations on a theme; in this case, it's white linen, a classical choice to be sure. But last time, it was marshmallows, and the time before that, UFOs. He does not abandon realism altogether, but rather uses diverse images as excuses for rendering his... [more]
Posted by Derek Buckner on 5/3/10

Randall Mooers Paints Meticulous Still Lifes

The George Billis Gallery's exhibition of Randall W. L. Mooers' still life paintings is a wonderful exhibition of Mooers' still reasonably priced paintings.  Painted with a master's precision, the paintings are reminiscent of the still lifes of William Bailey and Robert Douglas Hunter. While on the surface, the paintings appear to be quite simple, each painting hold's surprises, incongruities, for the viewer to discover, and each glance at a Mooers' painting reveals something different.... [more]
Posted by jbg on 1/24/10