Neue Galerie Museum for German and Austrian Art

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The Neue Galerie is one of my favorite museums, because it is not like a museum.  From the moment you enter and ascend the twisting circular staircase, you are not in a stuffy institution, but in an elegant Fifth Avenue home.  there is something so intimate about the space, and even when crowded, you can get up close and personal and really see the paintings. I love Expresinism and come to the museum often to see the works of Klimt and Schiele.  This was a special exhibition of the art of... [more]
Posted by Pam Malone on 2/25


Review by Pam Malone Do not make the mistake of thinking Munch is just about "The Scream". or for that matter, angst.  He was a great artist, who was the father of Expressionism, and his palette was large enough for every emotion.  He dealt with melancholy, sadness, love and yes, in his own way, happiness.  This show was marvelous and encompassed his influence on other great Expressionists.  Kirchener's great painting, "Streets, Dresden," was, according to the curator, inspired by Munch. There... [more]
Posted by Pam Malone on 6/11/16

WW Gems and Brooches at Neue

by Alison Levy
The decadent Neue Galerie's exhibition room featured black velvet lined vitrines safe-guarding silver and gemmed jewelry. The semi-dramatic room was dim and the large windows were covered by large photographs of early 20th century women in flowing dresses draped in the period's jewelry.Formed in 1903, The Wiener Werkstätte was a continuation of the Viennese Secession, heavily influenced by the use of natural materials of the Arts and Craft movement and Japonisme design. Co-founded by Josef... [more]
Posted by Alison Levy on 8/24/08