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Brice Marden: The Illuminating Flatness of Painting

by Alexandra Giniger
In his iconic 1965 essay on Modernist Painting, Clement Greenberg seemed to be anticipating Brice Marden, whose 1974 Red Yellow Blue series touches directly upon Greenberg’s analysis of the emergent Minimalist school of painting at the time: “Flatness, two-dimensionality, was the only condition painting shared with no other art, and so Modernist painting oriented itself to flatness as it did to nothing else...One is made aware of the flatness of [Modernist] pictures before, instead of after,... [more]
Posted by Alexandra Giniger on 1/27/13

Carnal Home

by Charlie Schultz
One reason pornography is a pleasure enjoyed more in privacy than amongst one’s peers is because one simply can’t get the same thrill in public. Satisfying the old carnal appetites is like being gay in the military; everyone is fine with it so long as it’s not out in the open. Shame seems to be part of the equation, but who exactly is ashamed is less obvious. This is the major hurdle to be overcome for anyone who wants to get more from John Currin’s paintings than perverse libidinal... [more]
Posted by Charlie Schultz on 12/12/10