Venus Over Manhattan

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Surf's Up! Raymond Pettibon's Surfers Take Manhattan

by Gabrielle Lipton
Presently, the walls of the Venus Over Manhattan gallery are covered in every oceanic shade of blue, aqua, and green, drenching the concrete space with waves of intense cool. More than forty frames—some larger than chalkboards, some the size of table menus—fill , an exhibition comprised solely of the surfer paintings Raymond Pettibon has made since 1985. Somewhere in the all the watery pigments small figures make their way across massive curls. Poised and up against enormity, Pettibon’s surfers... [more]
Posted by Gabrielle Lipton on 4/21/14

Where is Jack Goldstein?

by Collin Sundt
Ten years after the death of Jack Goldstein, the question should seem appropriate: "Where is Jack Goldstein?" Despite the survey of works presented at collector and writer Adam Lindemann's gallery, which includes an early film, a sound recording, and thirteen paintings executed between 1976 and 1986, no concrete attempt to answer this question is made. Instead the exhibition presents the artist as the enigma that he was, while providing ample evidence for his continued relevance. The larger... [more]
Posted by Collin Sundt on 2/5/13