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The Known and the Disguised: Eberhard Havekost, Part 1

by Ed Schad
Eberhard Havekost’s paintings are blurry. This simple fact is what makes the painting complicated. Something has to precede the act of blurring. Even his most color stroked works can’t help but suggest they come from somewhere, from a photograph, from a landscape, from an image of some sort. For this reason, some commentators refer to Havekost’s paintings as spectral, as haunted, inhabited by spirits and ghosts. We don’t know the ghosts but we suspect their presence. Other commentators prefer... [more]
Posted by Ed Schad on 3/28/11

The Known and the Disguised: Eberhard Havekost, Part 2

by Ed Schad
The reason why Eberhard Havekost is farther towards doom than Tuymans or Richter is he does not allow as many touchstones, as many meaningful breaths of meaning in the swirling turbulent ocean of broken images. In Richter’s Atlas of photographs, for instance, we find the personal and the political mixed with the banal (and the same goes in Tuymans’ canon of imagery as well). To extend the issue to photography, even Thomas Ruff, that priest of the particulars of how photography carries meaning... [more]
Posted by Ed Schad on 3/28/11

McCullough's Ritualistic

by Calvin Phelps
          A gradual shift is taking place. Los Angeles, never known to revere and respect its history, has been feeling a bit nostalgic of late. In the artworld especially, one finds exhibitions addressing historical moments and movements with more regularity. MOCA's collection show, agreeably mounted out of pure necessity, is one example. But in the future, expect much more thanks to the Getty's major support for the programming of Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A. 1945–1980. Barbara... [more]
Posted by Calvin Phelps on 6/14/10

Faris McReynolds @ Roberts & Tilton

Roberts & Tilton’s show of Faris McReynold’s work was not much worth talking about when looking at it next to their last show of Titus Kaphar’s work.  Which, if you follow my blog, you know was one of my favorite shows for a very long time.  McReynold’s works are a bit unoriginal – they didn’t feel like anything I hadn’t seen before – but that does not necessarily mean I did not like them.  I thought they were whimsical and a bit sordid – and that is something I will always enjoy.  His... [more]
Posted by Allison Cooper on 11/3/09

Becca Mann at Roberts & Tilton

by Michael Shaw
It’s a safe bet that Becca Mann isn’t a descendant of the Russian imperial dynasty members that she depicts, but after having lived with this group of aristocrats – the Romanovs, the Cheremis – while completing the paintings and drawings that make up this body of work, she’s certainly injected new life into their memory.  Mann has transformed the archival photos of her chosen era - turn of the 20th century Russia – with the similar Victorian-esque, light/white-washed aesthetic she’d brought to... [more]
Posted by Michael Shaw on 2/15/09


by Anna Ayeroff
With its relocation to a beautiful new space on Washington Blvd in Culver City, Roberts and Tilton Gallery decided to show the Culver City art scene what they’ve got. Starting fresh in their new location, the gallery owners and director took on the challenge of curating a group show that incorporates a work from each of the artists that they represent. Calling the exhibit Macrocosm, the curators selected a diverse selection of works from their international group of artists, bringing together... [more]
Posted by Anna Ayeroff on 9/7/08


I am in paris now. I have seen the drawings. They are very fine. 2 cans of coconut milk, Cilantro, Chicken, 3 cups of water, 2 tablespoons of grated ginger, 1 diced onion,pepper, 2 stalks lemon grass chopped, 2 tablespoons fish sauce, 1-4 red chillies, lemon and lime place chicken, 1can coconut, 1cup of water, ginger, onion,cilantro roots, lemon grass. bring to boil then simmer for 10 minutes.add remaining 1 can of coconut milk and 2cups of water return to boil.   Remove from heat, stir... [more]
Posted by Jonathan Hartshorn on 10/31/07
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