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Exhibit highlights racial baggage behind “paper bag tests” By DOUGLAS BRITT Copyright 2009 Houston Chronicle

The title of Nathaniel Donnett's exhibition at the Lawndale Art Center — Paper or Plastic? — is a question commonly heard in grocery-store lines. But while Donnett draws on brown paper sacks, the plastic he collages into the larger works comes from black garbage bags. The interplay between the two isn't just formal. It mirrors tensions between light- and dark-skinned people of African descent, and Donnett's use of the paper sacks, in particular, references the “brown paper bag test” once used... [more]
Posted by Nathaniel Donnett on 9/21/09

Continuous Consumption

by E-Slant Team
        This project is composed of a series of visual explorations toying with the ideas of continuous consumption, the stunting of growth via unending wanting, the never ending suckling of consumer goods without fulfillment, in conjunction with some of Melanie Klein's object relations theory on personality development, envy and gratitude or lack thereof, her referencing of the experience of breast feeding as being determinant in much about who a person becomes (old theory coming on the... [more]
Posted by E-Slant Team on 2/2/09
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