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Untapped Cities “Studio in the Park’s ‘Chance Ecologies’ Takes an In-Depth Look at NYC’s Flushing River“

    Untapped Cities July 20, 2016 Article by Jenna Bagcal about the Chance Ecologies: Flushing River residency at the Studio in the Park at the Queens Museum, in which Kristyna and Marek Milde participated Untapped Cities unearths New York City’s most unique and surprising places, stories and events for the inquisitive reader. [more]
Posted by Kristyna and Marek Milde on 7/20/16

Of Police and Poverty: LAPD's first museum exhibition

by Ryan Wong
The title says it: Los Angeles Poverty Department, 1985-2014. When John Malpede founded the LAPD (a play on the police department’s name) thirty years ago and began collaborating with the homeless and formerly homeless to stage performances and confrontational theater, it was a decade before relational aesthetics was coined by Nicolas Bourriaud, and more than two decades before MFA programs in ‘social practice’ began sprouting. In light of all that has come since, LAPD and their first museum... [more]
Posted by Ryan Wong on 4/15/14

The biennial Queens Museum of Art Internationa

  Queens International 4: Redefining Art in the Borough | NYABlog | New York Art Beat the Queens Museum of Art International on Exhibit - Review - by HOLLAND COTTER     [more]
Posted by Chin Chih Yang on 6/12/09

Locally Global

by Hong-An Truong
In New York, location is everything. It’s a city where neighborhoods in which commercial art galleries flourish are quickly gentrified, and the relationship between center and margin behaves more like a lawless traffic intersection rather than a two-way street. The Queens Museum of Art, located pretty much at the end of the line on the 7 train, is both literally and figuratively on the periphery. Its current exhibition, The (QI4), is a celebration of that space on the edge, as well a... [more]
Posted by Hong-An Truong on 3/29/09