Hugo Boss in Partnership with The Andy Warhol Museum

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A VerJeremy Kost, A Very Casual Spring Run (Veruca Upstate), 2011 © Courtesy of the artist.
Hugo Boss in Partnership with The Andy Warhol Museum
150 11 Avenue
New York, NY 10011
Venue Type: Museum
Representing Artists
Jeremy Kost, Andy Warhol
contemporary, specialty/retail, photography, 20th-century

Jeremy Kost, Of an Instance is an overview of Kost’s work to date, focusing on three main points of interest in his practice, fame, drag queens and the male figure—all joined through a common theme of façade. The exhibition will consist of a selection of works by Kost that include his signature Polaroid collages, videos and a new series of silkscreen paintings, exhibited in dialogue with a selection of works from The Andy Warhol Museum’s collection that will be selected by the artist and include Warhol’s large format Polaroids: self-portraits as well as celebrity portraits. Kost and Warhol both traverse the subcultural terrain of nightlife and parties, sharing an insatiable interest in celebrities, drag queens and beautiful men. Jeremy Kost, Of an Instance will reveal the artist’s ability to uncover intimate aspects of both celebrated and unknown characters, and explore the idea of façade and identity as seen in his subject’s personae.