Matthew Marks Gallery, North Orange Grove

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Beautiful Disaster

Set your Instagram filter to "Surreal" and venture inside Matthew Marks Gallery’s , on exhibit from January 19-April 6, 2013.  This is the surrealist's first solo exhibition of new work in 4 years and marks Gober's long-awaited return to Los Angeles for a one-person show.  The artist's sometimes polarizing work explores themes of religion, politics, power, and sexuality, and often represents objects from his childhood in distorted form.  His current exhibition is less controversial in tone, but... [more]
Posted by Jenna Finwall Ryan on 3/27/13

Fulsome, Familiar, And As Ever, Brazen

by Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer
What would it be like to see an Ellsworth Kelly, any Ellsworth Kelly abstraction for the first time? I try to imagine…mostly muteness, blankness, brightness, largeness. I try but it’s hard to know. Maybe I mean it’s hard to remember back to the first encounter because there is so much familiarity built into viewing Kelly’s work. In fact, familiarity and its shades of offness have often seemed to me to be employed as a complex force and mined as a hotspot of thinking in his shapes—part of his... [more]
Posted by Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer on 2/28/12