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It's in a gallery but you can't have everything

by James Loks
Similarity and difference seems to be the theme of the current exhibition at Yvon Lambert. In one room we have Joan Jonas, presenting a video installation Reanimation II, a reworking of a piece originally shown at dOCUMENTA (13), and in the other we have a wall piece by Lawrence Weiner. The similarities are that both artists are very well respected (although Jonas isn't celebrated quite as much as Weiner), both came to prominence in the sixties and have something like a forty-year body of work,... [more]
Posted by James Loks on 5/2/13

Absence at the Center

by Frances Guerin
Like others of the descendents of the German realist photography of Bernd and Hilla Becher — Andreas Gursky and Thomas Struth, to name just two — Candida Höfer’s insistence on a repetition of composition, subject matter, and thematic concerns, might tempt us to argue that there is nothing innovative or individual about any of her photographs. Nevertheless, seeing eleven large-format photographs together in Erinnern at Yvon Lambert this afternoon, I am very quickly reminded how misleading this... [more]
Posted by Frances Guerin on 9/19/11

Shining in the Light

by Georgia Fee
          He stood in the middle of the room iconic, lasting, surrounded by himself endlessly repeating.  Despite the slow fade into the light that his series of self portraits lining the room define in profound detail, Roman Opalka was fully embodied at the opening at Yvon Lambert.  The soft, sifting sands of time underscore all of Opalka’s work, from his painting series of numbers (as he counts into infinity), to his photographic portraits spanning over 40 years, Opalka has chronicled... [more]
Posted by Georgia Fee on 9/7/10

Up Close and Personal

by Frances Guerin
    Not being a connoisseur of the nuances of shit, it's difficult to say whether or not Serrano has found something new in the piles of the crap that are the basis of his latest exhibition at Yvon Lambert - running simultaneously in their New York and Paris galleries. Serrano has photographed 66 different kinds of animal shit, in extreme close up, against a familiar Serrano psychedelic background, blown them up, and given each a title: , dog shit, self-portrait shit (that's his in case we... [more]
Posted by Frances Guerin on 9/16/08