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Not So Pretty In Pink (And Why That's a Good Thing)

by William J. Simmons
Imagine a summit called by feminist activists and artists representing all of the nuanced wings of the movement. In this time of uncertainty about the role of feminism in the art world, these delegates wonder who could best represent the complexities of feminism and feminist theory without apology. The name they arrive at is Lily van der Stokker, whose new show at Koenig & Clinton is a sprawling pink spectacle comprised of flowery sculptures and wall paintings that illustrate the artist’s... [more]
Posted by William J. Simmons on 9/10/14

Do You Have What It Takes?

by Lee Ann Norman
Video and performance artist Julika Rudelius is a bit of a “watcher.” She behaves like an anthropologist: studying people, their habits, rituals, ways, codes, norms, and behaviors. Instead of cataloguing the physical artifacts she finds or contemplating patterns of behavior, she captures the evidence with her camera. In “Julika Rudelius: Rituals of Capitalism,” she presents her findings as a solo exhibition encompassing Leo Koenig’s main gallery and project space. Her two multi-channel videos,... [more]
Posted by Lee Ann Norman on 9/2/12

Figures En Masse

by Jamie Keesling
There are over seventy woodcuts, etchings, lithographs, and monotypes on view in Nicole Eisenman’s current solo exhibition at Leo Koenig, Inc. In addition to making clear the prolific nature of Eisenman’s practice, with this throng of works (and approximately fifty more recently installed in the now closed 012 Whitney Biennial), Eisenman hits the viewer over the head with a simple, yet challenging fact: She is a figure painter. Perhaps given the entire history of art, and given that... [more]
Posted by Jamie Keesling on 6/1/12