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Nights Without Armor

by Bradley Rubenstein
Heraclitus wrote, “Nothing is constant but change,” illustrating succinctly his philosophy of the nature of the universe; with her current exhibit Battle Armor, Karen Heagle illustrates this adage, with paintings that show that old motifs can have new life breathed into them. In the past, Karen Heagle has made reference to heroic figures in her paintings: the Incredible Hulk and Xena the Warrior Princess, for example; in her recent show of paintings on paper at Churner and Churner in New York,... [more]
Posted by Bradley Rubenstein on 6/11/13

Only So Deep

by Aldrin Valdez
Anthony Campuzano’s recent drawings in his solo show “Water’s March” at Churner and Churner  combine text and graphic elements with explorations of color and mark-making. Graphite and colored pencil laid atop bright washes of ink fill the poster-size rectangular boards. Pencil marks busily crowd around the nooks and edges of letters that come down in columns as big, bold shapes or as stuttering notations. The page is divided into smaller quadrants by the structural motif of window, doormat, or... [more]
Posted by Aldrin Valdez on 5/28/11