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Some hours

by James Loks
I was trapped in Galerie Perrotin by sheets of torrential rain. Summer in Paris this year is grey, cold, and wet. It's ridiculous to imagine how we all used to fantasise that global warming would bring balmy southern-style weather. The upside of the situation was the Aya Takano exhibition. In these circumstances the otherworldly lightness of her work proved to be welcome relief from the deluge outside. My enforced immobility also gave the opportunity to judge these works against a criteria... [more]
Posted by James Loks on 7/15/12

A Snaking Vivarium

Mystery, according to Lionel Estève, is the most enviable status for a work of art : anonymous, without a date and of uncertain origin. His graphic design “Myopic and Amnesiac”, at the Centre for Contemporary Art - CAC Brétigny, 2005, which was drawn on the ground, echoes the immense and inexplicable Nasca Lines. For his third exhibition at Galerie Perrotin, Lionel Estève has developed an empirical, sensual environment comprised of 10 to 15 metre long sculptures in acid colours made of fabric,... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 1/21/12

Elmgreen & Dragset

by Robert J. Hughes
Elmgreen & Dragset's works are "ghostlier demarcations" that create unsettling fictive worlds. Where the poet Wallace Stevens wrote (in "The Idea of Order at Key West") of how the imagination seeks to bestow meaning and order on the universe, which itself is illusory given our apprehension about reality, Elmgreen & Dragset take images of our world and craft slippery, dimly starred stories that play upon the tension of what we think we see, what we want to believe and what we remember... [more]
Posted by Robert J. Hughes on 5/15/11

Ivan Argote

            Graffiti imposes itself on everyday visuals: it dares you to look, and to look anew. It's had a long history, of course, as a means of self-expression. You can see examples of it from a couple of millennia ago on walls on buildings in Pompeii or on the catacombs of Rome, and doubtless these were not the first time someone took pen – or chisel – to a wall to say something funny or vulgar or desperate or accusatory or slanderous or even illuminating. In "Caliente," a new show... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 2/7/11

Sinister Contortions

by Robert J. Hughes
        The dizzying paintings of Jin Meyerson take a viewer into a vortex of seeing: the sensations of movement, of repetition, of amorphous crowds. "Carpal Fatigue," the apt title for his new show at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin in Paris, shows a hellish convergence of bodies in motion, like a Hieronymus Bosch tableau entering warp drive. Like Bosch, Meyerson looks at the consequences of our actions. But unlike the hell of Bosch's monstrous disfigurement, a moral retribution of unforgiving... [more]
Posted by Robert J. Hughes on 12/14/10

Animal Architecture

    Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin is pleased to present the solo show of Daniel Arsham entitled Animal Architecture from 20 March to 15 May 2010. Daniel Arsham’s work straddles the line between art, architecture and performance. He has worked across disciplines with Merce Cunningham, Hedi Slimane, Bob Wilson, and Jonah Bokaer. This show, entitled Animal Architecture weaves a multitude of materials and references into an intricate tableau, creating a window into Arsham’s diverse studio practice... [more]
Posted by Abhilasha Singh on 3/22/10

Johan Creten

    La Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin présente l’exposition Dark Continent qui réunit un ensemble d’oeuvres monumentales inédites, du 9 janvier au 13 mars 2010. Le titre de l’exposition inspiré de la célèbre formule de Freud révèle toute la complexité de l’univers de Johan Creten. La Femme et ses circonvolutions fascinent l’artiste. Elle s’incarne sous les traits de la reine mère nourricière ou dévorante, créatrice ou destructrice. Johan Creten découvre la force cachée de la terre derrière... [more]
Posted by ArtSlant Team on 1/5/10

Super Spacey

by Natalie Hegert
What can I say but every time I've walked into Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin on impasse St Claude I enter a state of ecstatic reverie and I can't help but smile as I take in the works.  Following the absolute that was the Lionel Estève exhibit is an equally rapturous installation by the mistress of the universe, that extraterrestrial artist known as Mariko Mori. Seven new works are on display in the front gallery, a series of White Holes, or amorphously egg-like white aluminum boards... [more]
Posted by Natalie Hegert on 5/30/09

How to LiVe

by E-Slant Team
      Interview between Lionel Estève and Denis Gielen (extract) – Lionel Estève: How to Lie, is like a proposal to learn something. I like those methods: how to stop smoking, etc. Everyone knows how to lie, so there are both imaginary and real parts in it that correspond to my work. – Denis Gielen: The objects that you create from your imagination join other, scientific imaginations: models of atoms or botanical typologies like pistils. – LE: I see my works as mental, and I hope they... [more]
Posted by E-Slant Team on 5/4/09
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