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Pattern Jam

by Charlie Schultz
Typically if I’m entranced in front of a television monitor it’s because the narrative plot of whatever I’m watching has got me gripped. Well there’s no storyline in any of the six videos Anne Morgan Spalter is exhibiting in her debut New York solo, “Traffic Circle,” but the visuals are so hypnotically mesmerizing it’s easy to stare yourself into a state of spellbound captivation. Fans of psychedelic art will try to herald Spelter’s videos as ideal specimens, and though they have nothing to do... [more]
Posted by Charlie Schultz on 12/26/11

Movement Here and There

by Jackson McDade
          The title of Jaye Rhee’s mini-retrospective is, according to the gallery press release, a reference to a quote from Sartre, who did as much as anyone in the twentieth century to establish the individual’s immediate relationship with time.  Of course, there is a lot more to this show of video produced in the past decade, but time is the unifying factor in much of the stronger work here.  Projects such as Seasaw (2002), Tear (2002), Notes (2007) and Mediterranean (2009) all involve... [more]
Posted by Jackson McDade on 10/24/10