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Second Look

As a student enrolled in UIC College of Liberal Arts during the 1970's, I hadn't the foggiest idea that video history was being made only steps away. I was peripherally aware of the Art & Architecture Building, but it was "Image Union," the WTTW public TV station anthology program showcasing new video art, which gave me my first inkling. "Chicago New Media 1973-1993" gave me a welcome second look. The show brought cinematography to mind, the art of composing scenescapes in feature films,... [more]
Posted by on 12/2/18


by Razvan Botiş Gallery 400 is currently showing a group exhibit that features Romanian artists, including artist Razvan Botiş’ video Impulse. The video shows two men working together with aerosol deodorants to graffiti a wall. As they go through the motions of creating an elaborate graffiti work, their lines fade behind them, leaving the wall unchanged by their work. Aside from the medium choice, the scene could straightforwardly be a couple of guys spray painting a wall. The work’s message... [more]
Posted by eplacy on 2/25/16

Observer Effect

by Alicia Chester
In science, the “observer effect” refers to the phenomenon that the act of observation itself changes the subject of observation. Quantum mechanics goes a step further and takes for granted that a system cannot be observed without also being changed. The solution is to consider the observer as part and parcel of the system. Observer Effect, curated by artist Carrie Gundersdorf and Gallery 400 director Lorelei Stewart, tests the hypothesis that artistic practices are analogous to scientific... [more]
Posted by Alicia Chester on 1/24/13

The Dragon is the Frame

by Beth Capper
Mark Aguhar sits, with a sullen look on their face, draped in a pink sheet-come-dress and sitting in a patch of faux “snow” created out of scraps of what appears to be white paper. This image of Mark encapsulates, succinctly, so many theories about the performativity of (queer) affect. Mark’s look, which is funny, sad and moving all at once, is caught somewhere between despair and tantrum. This image reminds us how affects are contagious—how, as Sara Ahmed suggests, your feelings reproduce... [more]
Posted by Beth Capper on 7/25/12

Bless this Mess

by Mia DiMeo
Gallery 400’s exhibition “Bless this Mess” grapples with questions surrounding the queer identity and its interconnection to feminism and do-it-yourself culture. Named for the cutesy-grandma phrase found in craft projects and needlepoint around the Midwest and elsewhere, “Bless this Mess” is an intimate show with a collaborative spirit and the artwork is similarly simultaneously playful and sincere. The community of artists and performers, mostly Chicago-based, work in radically different... [more]
Posted by Mia DiMeo on 2/14/11

Hey There!

by Joel Kuennen
      Spitting and splattering spurts of vomit, ejaculate and glitter.  Steve Reinke, a Canadian-born artist who now works and lives in Chicago, is the subject of a wonderful exhibition at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s (UIC) Gallery 400. Centered on his collaborative work completed over the past few years, as well as an hour-long compilation of his new work, this exhibit, "The Tiny Ventriloquist", is a tour-de-force of Reinke’s humorous, warm and visceral work. For those... [more]
Posted by Joel Kuennen on 11/8/10

Dexter Sinister: An Exquisite Corpse Style Essay

      Dexter Sinister is the name adopted by David Reinfurt and Stuart Bailey for their joint activities as artists, writers, editors, graphic designers and publishers. Evoking the equal parts collaborative and dissonant practice of Dexter Sinister, Anthony Elms, Assistant Director of Gallery 400 and curator of the show, kindly agreed to blindly co-write the following text with me using a sort of “exquisite corpse” framework I made up: I would write a paragraph (or two, or simply a single... [more]
Posted by Abraham Ritchie on 9/20/10

Big Hot Mess

by Marla Seidell
    Endless pages of handwritten scrawl, paintings and drawings mesh together in this 1,000-page book, a modern-day bible of esoteric confessions. Urban life, in all its ugly, beauteous glory, is displayed like a dead animal lying on the side of the road. You don’t want to look-- it’s overwhelming and messy. But you can’t help it. The story sucks you in, and there you are: standing over a long table covered with black-and-white Galaxy Paper, thumbing through a book of paintings and words with... [more]
Posted by Marla Seidell on 6/7/10

The Rules of the Game

by Robyn Farrell Roulo
    Currently on view at UIC’s Gallery 400, “On Sundrun”, employs a feature-length video documentary flanked by installation, sound, sculpture and costume to investigate issues with ritual, memory and identity.  No stranger to the cross-cultural point-of-view or critique of post-colonial conjecture, ex-pat artist Mathew Paul Jinks creates a fusion of these elements, revealing the dynamics of play, the discussion that ensues and the relationship between personal history and contemporary... [more]
Posted by Robyn Farrell Roulo on 1/8/10

The Projects of #12

by Erik Wenzel
        Entering Gallery 400, there is a slight remnant of the foyer which has become a viewing platform from which one may enter Michael Ruglio-Misurell’s Project #12, a seeming mass of junk, destruction and confusion. We enter at our own risk, as a sign attached to a construction saw horse warns. It might be clever or clichéd to make a sign required for liability part of the work itself. Within Project #12, the first actual thing that registered with me amidst the overload of... [more]
Posted by Erik Wenzel on 9/7/09


by Erik Wenzel
      I have grown to love Rosen’s unique deadpan combination of careful text manipulation and minimal aesthetics over the years, but this group of work tends towards disappointment. This exhibition at Gallery 400 collects a video, a display case of works on paper with more works on paper on the walls. It has changed over the course of its run since opening alongside Michael Ruglio-Misurell’s “Project #12” in August. An interesting moment occurred in the exhibition as Ruglio-Misurell’s... [more]
Posted by Erik Wenzel on 11/9/09

Our Literal Speed

by E-Slant Team
Accompanying Exhibition 1 May - 4 July 2009 Gallery 400, University of Illinois at Chicago OUR LITERAL SPEED manifests the imperatives that materialize the theoretical and the pedagogical.  No longer can we interpret forms of academic and artistic professionalism  as neutral, abstract backgrounds to the aesthetic and performative.  These activities have produced their own distinctive surfaces and procedures: the "aesthetic" has become discursive and "discourse" has become aesthetic.... [more]
Posted by E-Slant Team on 6/8/09
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