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Lee Godie's Photo Booth Portraits Show Moments of Self-Invention from a Life Lived in Public

by Mara Goldwyn
Lee Godie, pronounced “go-DAY.” She was a French Impressionist; her portraits and still-lifes were “better than Cezanne.” Or so went the sales pitch from her habitual perch—and erstwhile studio—on the steps of the Art Institute of Chicago.  Living on the streets, sleeping in the park, sprawling out on the floors of local libraries to draw, using a supermarket as an informal bank, Ms. Godie has become one of the most recognized Chicago artists, perhaps because for a while she was part of the... [more]
Posted by Mara Goldwyn on 3/31/16

Intergalactic Botany

by Mia DiMeo
In the Milwaukee home where Eugene Von Bruenchenhein spent much of his life creating multidisciplinary explorations of his fantasies, a plaque hung that thoroughly described his creative endeavors: “Freelance Artist, Poet and Sculptor, Inovator [sic], Arrow maker and Plant man, Bone artifacts constructor, Photographer and Architect, Philosopher.” After his death in 1983, the truth in Von Bruenchenhein’s mouthful of a title was left in an obsessive amount of media: including thousands of pen... [more]
Posted by Mia DiMeo on 11/27/11

Surviving the Roller Coaster of Life

by Marla Seidell
        Slightly depressing and yet triumphant and wonderful, the scrapbooks, photos, videos and other ephemera encompassing Peter Anton’s life offer a revelatory examination of the meaning of life, death, loneliness, age and suffering, all currently on view in Intuit's exhibition "Almost There: A Portratrait of Peter Anton. "Anton, a 78-year-old resident of East Chicago, Indiana, is a painter and meticulous collector of the pieces of his past. In a photo showing the layers of remnants in... [more]
Posted by Marla Seidell on 8/9/10

Sweet Painted Lady

by Robyn Farrell Roulo
        Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art, exhibits and promotes the work of untrained artists, who work with little to no influence from formal education or the conventional art world.  The current exhibition on view, “Freaks and Flash” holds true to Intuit’s mission, delving into the history of the tattoo in modern Western culture.   Work by Sailor Jerry, George Burchett, Cliff Raven, Tatts Thomas and Amund Dietzel highlight the exhibition and demonstrate the artists’... [more]
Posted by Robyn Farrell Roulo on 12/24/09

Outsider In: Yoakum at Intuit

      Ride that Milwaukee train on down to the bright neon green portico of Intuit for this comfortably sized grouping of pencil and ballpoint pen drawings on craft paper by self-taught artist Joseph Yoakum (pronounced Yoke-em).The exhibition was curated by Mark Pascale, Associate Curator of Prints and Drawings at the Art Institute of Chicago, and somewhat of a Yoakum scholar, so if you slept in and missed his excellent early Saturday morning lecture last weekend, be sure to peruse, or ... [more]
Posted by Abraham Ritchie on 1/19/09

The busy busy world of Chris Hipkiss

The middle of August means summer’s on the wane, and so is Chris Hipkiss’s show at Intuit. With only a few short weeks left to view this British-born, French-based self-taught artist's liberal number of large scale drawings on display, one should budget ample time to grapple with the scale of these works and the amount of information compacted into each square inch. The long view of the eight to ten-foot scrolls on display reveals an abysmal forecast for the future of our planet. An... [more]
Posted by Abraham Ritchie on 8/18/08
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