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Vernissage Report: Independent 2015

by Tara Plath
Malfunctioning subways, icy roads, and slushy sidewalks did little to deter fair-goers from attending Independent’s Vernissage last night. It is year six for Independent, an art fair that continues to provide a refreshing alternative to the heavy-handedness of its behemoth counterparts on the piers. An open floor plan directs traffic in a meandering fashion, contrary to the congested roadways of gridded booths across town at Armory. This wandering through and around works not only creates a breezy attitude, but even goes so far as suggesting a spaciousness that is quickly dispelled once... [more]
Posted by Tara Plath on 3/6/15

Size Does Matter - Independent Outshines

by Alexander Forbes
In the din leading up to Armory Arts Week, Pier 94 has seemingly been placed on mute. Fair goers, from power collectors to art school kids, have changed their tune, opting for the intimacy and more relaxed environment of the smaller satellite fairs, and galleries have taken notice. What was cool in 2007 just isn’t any more. Many of the defectors from Armory have flocked to Elizabeth Dee (Elizabeth Dee, New York) and Darren Flook’s (Hotel, London) second edition of Independent. The pair, with the creative guidance of White Columns’ Matthew Higgs, set out to redefine the traditional art fair model, bringing together top gall... [more]
Posted by Alexander Forbes on 3/2/11