World Culture Opencenter Manhattan

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World Culture Opencenter Manhattan

Venue Type: Alternative Space


 Manhattan World Culture Open Center

19W 26 St 5F NY 10010  tel : 212 244 7200

The Manhattan World Culture Open Center delivers the mission of WCO by providing an open space for cultural activities. WCO (World Culture Open) is a not-for-profit organization committed to changing prevailing global attitudes from fear and ignorance of other cultures to a new environment where all peoples share, respect, enjoy, and value cultural   diversity, and where each develops the lifelong respect for other cultures which is critical to easing racial, religious and national tensions and preventing conflicts. Since its commencement of the World Culture Open Movement in 2001, WCO has continued to achieve its mission by providing opportunities to experience the wondrous creations and performances of talented artists, enriching the opportunities of individual artists and enhancing humanitarian practices which build tolerance and cross-cultural understanding by non-governmental means.