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Degrees of Remove: The Changing Landscape

Degrees of Remove – Landscape and Affect Sculpture Center, on view September 7 – November 30, 2008 The Changing LandscapeOn view in the basement space of the Sculpture Center currently is Degrees of Remove - Landscape and Affect co-curated by Sarina Basta and Fionn Meade. The show highlights artists who create work at a degree of removal from the subject of landscape, whether through appropriation or reinterpretation, all fed through a mediated source.  The choices of mediation directly impact the way this form of landscape is read, modifying and even confusing the relationship between source... [more]
Posted by rachel.reese on 11/5/08

Michael Portnoy's Casino Royale

by Elana Rubinfeld
  Casino Ilinx, Michael Portnoy’s solo show at SculptureCenter, consists of cryptic gambling tables and related sculptures that delve into gambling’s roots in divination and ritual. Although there are elements of a traditional casino on hand, - i.e. bouncers, croupiers, and players - nothing is as it seems. Upon entering, one first encounters Tongue Pit (Linguistic Table),... [more]
Posted by Elana Rubinfeld on 5/4/08