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Beautiful and Sad and Classy

by Christina Catherine Martinez
Remember the ritualistic daubing of perfume in preparation for a type of tryst, a slow, light movement on fingertips over the erogenous zones—perhaps more crass, but no less spiritual in its fervor—when one either anticipates, or more likely hopes to conjure the promise of carnal knowledge. Maybe no one actually does this. The last person I saw do this to herself was a celluloid bimbo in a horror movie. Rest assured, she got hers in the end, according to the gospel of this moralistic genre,... [more]
Posted by Christina Catherine Martinez on 3/17/14

A Serpentine Rainbow

by Andrew Berardini
Let us examine the rainbow.  A radiant bend of light that gives pause to even the surliest of sailors, the direct route to concealed honeypots glutted with gold, a divine message to Noah that the rinse cycle was completing its global soak, the rainbow is such an easy handle for spectral forces, sublimity and facile poetry that it may even be too obviously beautiful for us to concoct anything better than it, thus making rainbows the stuff of sappy cards and toddler’s television. It’s hard to... [more]
Posted by Andrew Berardini on 6/23/12

Night Terrors

by Jared Baxter
Through the storefront windows, the yarn web gives the impression of something more baroquely layered, denser and less penetrable. My first thought on this collaboration between Alexandra Grant and Channing Hansen was that I wanted something more absorbing and encompassing than this merely skeletal suggestion of an interior within an interior drawn flimsily over the gallery's literal black-painted brick perimeter. Given the show's title, I wanted something more expressive of the annihilating... [more]
Posted by Jared Baxter on 1/17/12

How Deep is the Ocean?

by Kate Wolf
The interconnection between trauma and its aftermath—a resulting, unwieldy jumble of repeating memories and substitutions that morph the present and rearrange the past—is just one way inside understanding the artist Samara Golden’s arresting, dramatic and complex new installation, , currently on view at Night Gallery. In this work, Golden has transformed the space almost unrecognizably: the gallery’s walls, normally black, are painted a light pastel blue and matching patches of carpet line the... [more]
Posted by Kate Wolf on 11/21/11
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