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by Natalie Hegert
Chinatown harbors many hidden secrets.  In our literature, films and fantasies, it’s the perfect placefor a hideout; it’s the location of an underground deal, a secret underworld, a land of counterfeits, a dark mystery.  Culturally impenetrable, Chinatown can be intimidating for the outsider—unintelligible signage, curious customs, the closeness of bodies, cars, bicycles, the shops overflowing into the street with their cheap wares, the denseness of the air, the unfamiliar miasma of fish oil... [more]
Posted by Natalie Hegert on 6/5/11

Mining the Remnants

by Chen Tamir
    No visit to SoHo is complete without a stop at Art in General. Its new commissions program offers fresh work by emerging artists who are normally off the beaten track, and hand-picked for their visions. This time they’ve lined up three ambitious projects. Collectively titled “Erratic Anthropologies,” they are “performance installations …that mine the visual culture of flawed but influential community structures.” In essence, the three projects are each ironic, comical looks at... [more]
Posted by Chen Tamir on 11/15/09

In the Belly of Bloomberg

by Farrah Karapetian
    NOTE: takes place at the following location: Bloomberg Headquarters731 Lexington AveNew York, NY 10022 Hours: ONLY CONNECT at Bloomberg is viewable by appointment only. Please contact Jessica Maturo at 212-219-0473 ext. 21or email info@artingeneral for information "You're either in front of a Bloomberg or behind," reads the webpage advertising Bloomberg's Professional service, a platform that purports to provide information on, well, everything. This I discover while trying to... [more]
Posted by Farrah Karapetian on 6/22/08