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Art Review

Kathy has played around with the fiber medium and given it a painting quality treatment. Her subject matter is related to social media and internet. Through embroidery she is attempting to connect the mentality of two different generations (current generation & their parents). . Her works are witty and will make you go ‘LOL’. [more]
Posted by Agni Chemburkar on 5/25/13

Sparklehorse and a Big Kitty

by Mia DiMeo
        If it hasn’t been done already, I’d like to see a major exhibition featuring only artists that bedazzle—literally. A working title would be something like, “Glitter in Contemporary Art,” and it would include macabre, studded embroidery by Angelo Filomeno, a crystallized rock sugar sculpture by Timothy Horne, a sinister glitter paint scene by Jamie Vasta, and, of course, Damien Hirst’s to give it some hype. The flash that’s currently on view at Packer Schopf Gallery, “Andréa... [more]
Posted by Mia DiMeo on 6/21/10

Review: ian Weaver/Packer Schopf Gallery

APR 05Review: Ian Weaver/Packer Schopf Gallery RECOMMENDED The African-American community of Chicago’s “Black Bottom” neighborhood, dispersed by white “urban renewal” in the 1950s, is presented here in a mix of faux historical documents, artifacts and maps, colliding a repertoire of symbols associating European racial and nationalist mythology withAfrican-American history and nationalism. There is a knight’s helmet, for instance, incorporating a raised Black Power fist in its design.... [more]
Posted by Ian Weaver on 4/5/10

Erik Wenzel's Confession

by Erik Wenzel
      “My verb was ‘transform.’ You can conjugate that however you like,” said Simon Anderson, as he meticulously destroyed a guitar. “39 Verbs,” a one-night exhibition at Packer Schopf Gallery and part of Chicago Artists Month very much had the feel of a carnival or science fair. It is a little unclear, but the event appears to have been a retrospective of sorts for Industry of the Ordinary, the conceptual art duo Adam Brooks and Mathew Wilson. The statement for the “happening” reads,... [more]
Posted by Erik Wenzel on 10/12/09

This is Not a Piece of Notebook Paper

by Kathryn Born
In anticipation of the Southern Graphics Council (a major printmaking convention hosted by Columbia College in late March), Packer Schopf is hosting the group print show (This is not a print show)." But, ah ha, it is a print show.  It has a collection of prints from the artists of White Wings Press and a dozen other print artists. Two things that stood out: Rattail, 2007, by Matthew Schommer and William Strugis features a mouse and snake and boy with a hole through his stomach. My Aunt... [more]
Posted by Kathryn Born on 3/1/09

Beyond the Hook

by Kathryn Born
  In the lower level of Packer Schopf is an exhibit of the Erector-set art of Michael Thompson, who is most well known for his delightfully subversive fradulent postage stamps. His famous stamps not only portray colorful depictions of everything from Smallpox to genitalia, but have actually been sent through the mail and received the stink eye from the federal government. From there, he's made the natural transition to building replicas of bridges out of Erector sets. I have the upmost... [more]
Posted by Kathryn Born on 3/1/09