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Selfing Togetherment Naturally

by Chelsea Beck
Whether we express ourselves through slogans on a t-shirt, music, or conversation, we are essentially tragically—often comically—groping in the dark, giving our best guess, clumsily trying to make connections with each other, with nature, and with ourselves. Fleeting or faulty, the mere attempt to make them can lead us to the most authentic and intimate moments life brings. Stanya Kahn’s work here is full of restless encounters between people, desperately casual and casually serious. A point of... [more]
Posted by Chelsea Beck on 5/11/14

Painted with Candy, Washed in Acid: An Elliptical Review

by Andrew Berardini
Henry Darger, R. Crumb, and George Grosz all found themselves, elbow-to-elbow, drinking hard at the same shitty bar. “Ach! This place is such a stinking pit of depravity!” said Grosz. “Nothing but the most nauseating perverts and prostitutes, corpulent capitalists assfucking priests and army men. Disgusting.” He growled and then took a deep draught of his golden beer, licking the foam off his lip. A roach crawled up to a splash of wet beer on the bar and Grosz brushed it off with a resigned... [more]
Posted by Andrew Berardini on 4/25/12

Nicole Eisenman's Human Touch

by Kate Wolf
In her current solo show at Susanne Vielmetter, Nicole Eisenman continues to prove herself as a prolific and humorous artist, one whose blend of social commentary and human grotesquerie makes for a world edged in a slightly hallucinatory light. The hands on Eisenman’s subjects are bloated and awkward or sometimes ghoulishly slim, in one case, claws: they grope, they draw, they text, or they span out across a table in a circle as in her work Séance, 2011, attempting to make connections despite... [more]
Posted by Kate Wolf on 5/16/11

Succulent in Culver City

by Marcus Civin
        Corpus: a body is a collection of pieces, bits, members, zones, states, functions. Heads, hands and cartilage, burnings, smoothnesses, spurts, sleep, digestion, goose-bumps, excitation, breathing, digesting, reproducing, mending, saliva, synovia, twists, cramps, and beauty spots. It’s a collection of collections, a corpus corporum, whose unity remains a question for itself.... – Jean-Luc Nancy, Corpus: Fifty-eight Indices on the Body, 2008 “Succulent,” Rodney McMillian’s corpus... [more]
Posted by Marcus Civin on 1/25/10

Patrick Wilson in Culver City

by Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer
Flattened into digital printouts in glossy magazines or jpegs on the gallery’s website, Patrick Wilson’s paintings basically appear as slick, decorative corporate lobby art. They’d go perfectly over a Corbu couch with matching conference table. From a polite distance, you might fairly think their saturated color block abstractions and overlapping geometries were computer generated. Float one of each of the canvases many sharp-edged rectangular fields on a drifting digital track and they would... [more]
Posted by Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer on 7/26/09

Grappling with Bigness

by Catherine Wagley
Edgar Arceneaux’s current exhibition at Susan Vielmetter Projects has a ravenousness that is at times as frustrating as it is intoxicating. It’s hungry to engage immense ideas—metaphysics, phenomenology, cosmology—and, as always, such ideas tend to be elusive. Arceneaux knows this and whenever he stops trying to depict the abyss and simply interacts with it, his work has the satiating quality of an ocean swim. You feel you’re a part of infinity instead of a powerless observer. In the main... [more]
Posted by Catherine Wagley on 10/13/08

Indulgent Paintings

by Catherine Wagley
More is less and less is more for Steve Roden. The thick paintings in “Lines and Spaces” at Susanne Vielmetter Projects seem succinct despite their wrought under-painting, the layers melting together to become a single, indulgent experience. The main gallery is filled with mellow, full-bodied oil and acrylic paintings, all of which have idiosyncratic, music-inspired titles. “when sun is like rain. when rain is like sun,” hung at the back of the space, looks like what might happen if Karl... [more]
Posted by Catherine Wagley on 7/12/08

Koumoundouros: New Sculpture

by Nico Machida
  Through two sculptures distributed evenly between the project spaces at Susanne Vielmetter, Olga Koumoundouros makes a convincing argument for the expanded conceptual field of assemblage sculpture. Though clearly invested in a certain prevalent aesthetics of the makeshift and haphazardly compounded, Koumoundouros' work manages to stay on message, to make plain its symbolic ambitions and execute them with remarkable formal efficiency. This is especially the case with , 2008 which consists of... [more]
Posted by Nico Machida on 5/18/08

Brenna Youngblood at Susanne Vielmetter Project Space

LA WEEKLY Must See Art Brenna Youngblood By Amra Brooks Wednesday, December 27, 2006 - 12:00 pmBrenna Youngblood at Susanne Vielmetter Project SpaceAnother project I’ve been eager to see is in the Project Space at Susanne Vielmetter. A departure from her show at the Hammer, Youngblood’s new work focuses more on painting than photography. There are still photographic elements, but the layering and collage are more in the surface than in the multiplicity of images. And... [more]
Posted by dweeb on 6/23/07
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