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by Aaron Carpenter
I had a lot of questions going into this exhibition, and I mean that quite literally. How should I walk? Where do I stand? What do I look at? How do I act? Opting for immediate retreat I bolted for the dark confines of the film theatre to view Daria Martin’s , 2006, a short film featuring choreographer Anna Halprin’s interpretation of Rodin’s same-named sculpture. The pair of grappling dancers serpentine through the robustly erotic allegory. (A note: this film was scored by... [more]
Posted by Aaron Carpenter on 12/7/11

Angel of Light

by Aaron Carpenter
          Hearts are filled with passion in everyone you meetThe Boulevard is waiting, it wants to get you high Neon signs are waiting to sell you anything you want to buyOverhead a neat row of industrial stage lights whir and whiz through their pre-programmed sequences, which sputter out individual words on the opposing walls, eventually forming the lyrics to a conspicuously dogmatic song. The typography suggests bubble gum or energy drink, the words whirl and lurch into formation,... [more]
Posted by Aaron Carpenter on 10/10/10