The Garment Room

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The Garment Room
112 Greene Street
New York, New York 10012
Venue Type: Gallery
Open hours
Daily 1pm - 7pm
(347) 581-7930

While fashion is obviously a focus at The Garment Room, there has always been a philosophy that extends far beyond just selling clothes. Our mission, simply put, is to rebuild a new form of community. One with collaborative roots, fueled with the charge of inspiration, and re-establishing a working space for discovery and the magic of creativity. Here, it's all about respect for expression and color, passion and dreams, hustle and triumph, and most importantly, respect for those who dedicate their life to the creation of beauty. Whether our space showcases screen prints by Andy Warhol, the intricate pleating of Karl Lagerfeld, or a progressive ballad from the best guitarist you've never heard of, The Garment Room is a tribute to any and everything creative. We are the sanctuary that welcomes the freedom of exploration and originality, a refuge void of restraints where nothing matters but the irrepressible passion for art and the desire to immerse oneself into the world around it.