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Scanning and Opacity

by Ryan Wong
It took me a long time to write about Aaron Flint Jamison’s exhibition at Artists Space. I had to figure out how to move past the obvious statement, which is that the work is frustratingly opaque, and say something about what lies under it. Maybe I could even say something about the opacity itself. The exhibition leaves the gallery nearly empty: about half a dozen objects (depending on how you count them) are strewn throughout. The SoHo columns and worn floorboards of 38 Greene Street are on... [more]
Posted by Ryan Wong on 10/29/13

Fodder for a New Capitalism

by Beth Capper
In their definitive sociological study of capitalism, The New Spirit of Capitalism, Luc Boltanski and Eve Chiapello argue that anti-capitalism may be "the most significant expression of capitalism in the eyes of history." The work of Bernadette Corporation is founded on a keen awareness of this new spirit, in which all critique becomes fodder that strengthens capitalism through being incorporated by it. Bernadette Corporation's awareness is an awareness of the all too easy subject-position of... [more]
Posted by Beth Capper on 10/15/12

An Optimist's Truth

by Lee Ann Norman
Mark Morrisroe (1959-1989) spent most of his life smudging lines between fact and fiction. Legend has it that he was a teenaged prostitute and hustler, the illegitimate son of the Boston Strangler, and starred in a snuff film that nearly killed him. While most of these tales have not been proved, Morrisroe did however, spend the remainder of his days with a bullet lodged dangerously close to his spine and walking with a permanent limp. “Mark Morrisroe: From This Moment On” (the first U.S.... [more]
Posted by Lee Ann Norman on 4/3/11

Making the Private Public, or How Dick Cheney and Reality TV Has Shaped the New Normalcy

by John Daquino
Borrowing its title from the historic speech given by vice president Dick Cheney in the wake of 9/11, where he referred to the increased security and surveillance as "the new normalcy" of contemporary life, this exhibition features the work of thirteen artists that touch upon a number of issues regarding the shrinking boundaries between private and public spheres. Though this theme has been well... [more]
Posted by John Daquino on 6/15/08