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Art Takes you on a Journey

The Monochrome art show at the American Art Gallery in Greenwich Village is relief on the eyes. The black and white with grey tones brings you into a comfortable state and slowly takes you on a journey that is different for each viewer. Colleen Blackard the artist is from Texas and brings her artistic talents to New York and is slowly becoming a New Yorker. She has been showing her work in and around New York for the last few years. This is her first show with American Art Gallery. The show... [more]
Posted by John C. Kuchera on 11/28/10

Go Art!

is a new solo art show by John C. Kuchera. His colorful oil paintings are full of life. His paintings depict people form Greenwich Village and beyond. John creates a mood of happiness and good karma in all his art. Included in this show will be a new series called Art Disciples. The Art Disciples are oil paintings done with a single image of a man dressed in a unique outfit, not quit military and not quite religious. Art Disciples will keep you thinking about your own view points on life and... [more]
Posted by John C. Kuchera on 11/11/10

Jesus and J.F.K. party in the Village.

Jesus, J.F.K and Napoleon along with Skinheads dancing, Side Show Freaks and the man down below, they all make their way to take part in the “Satirealism” Art Show at American Art Gallery in New York. “Satirealism” is the new art movement and style coined by Ben Louria. The “Satirealism’ Art Show will be his first major show in New York City. “Satirealism is more than just pop art it combines Fine Art with the social comments of the day in an intelligent and humorous way. This is one show you... [more]
Posted by John C. Kuchera on 10/30/10

Only in NY and only in Greenwich Village.

Danny Olda comes back to NYC from Florida this October 19th for his Danny brings his take on nature in his new series "Bestiary" a series of paintings using animals to convey a commentary of the modern world. Along with his new main works he will also be showing some works in progress that make us question life in America and how we react to images of the norm and abnormal. The show will run from October 19th to November 1st 2010.© 2010 John C. Kuchera [more]
Posted by John C. Kuchera on 10/17/10

Rachel Wilkins Abstract art in the Village

Rachel Wilkins' Abstract Paintings are full of color, design elements, depth, and make you feel comfortable with them right away. Her paintings can fit in any type of home from a brownstone in the city to a modern home in the Hamptons. At her current solo show at the American Art Gallery she has a blue tryptych that catches your eye, and larger paintings that are just as compelling. This is a show to see. [more]
Posted by John C. Kuchera on 10/4/10

A Wolf in the Village

Hans Wolf and his abstract art is really incredible to behold. His most recent work “Medium Trinity” is a great example of the new art happing in New York City. Spray paint, oils and ink make his abstracts unique and a real joy view. American Art Gallery at the Path Café 131 Christopher St. will host his one man show from September 21st to October 4th 2010 The Opening will be Tuesday September 21st 6-8PM. [more]
Posted by John C. Kuchera on 9/20/10

Lisa DuBois Very Cool Art

The Solo Art show by Lisa Dubois is really going to be loved by most everyone in the village and beyond,  I was able to take an early sneek peek and I love it, I can just sit and look at it all day, Lisa Dubois is a photographer and an painter, she always has something going on in New York and around the world. When you come down to the American Art gallery on Tuesday September 7th from 6-8 PM ask her about her show in France. Lisa is one unique sole. In this show she will be giving us her... [more]
Posted by John C. Kuchera on 8/31/10

A Rose is a Rose unless it it's James Rose

James Rose, the man, the artist, the musician the promoter, a modern day wonderment of energy. The urban paintings of James Rose are full of emotion and depth, you can see his eye and you can imagine him sitting in the subway seat across from you. The paintings feel like you know them already. His solo show at the American Art Gallery 131 Christopher Street will be a real treat for all New Yorkers and the rest of the world. [more]
Posted by John C. Kuchera on 8/3/10

A Car as a Car Can.

Sometimes in New York you kinda of forget about cars I know it sounds funny, but you do. Mike McCabe and his solo art show at The American Art Gallery in Greenwich Village New York City brings back American fondness for cars, a time when cars were built like tanks. Mike McCabe Paints with acrylic on canvas, he paints large and small. In some of the paintings he brings his sense of humor for us to enjoy such as his "Ambassador to Mars". I would have to say come one come all and  drive right up... [more]
Posted by John C. Kuchera on 7/25/10

Love the bright happy colors

Love the bright happy colors and the red hair. I have seen the paintings in person and I just stand and look into the paintings, they do give me a calm restbit from my busy life. I recommend to all. [more]
Posted by John C. Kuchera on 7/11/10
Posted by John C. Kuchera on 7/1/10
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