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The Promise of the Image

by Noah Dillon
Every product suggests itself first as an imagistic extension of one’s body and mind: consuming, being clothed, experiencing a situation, being enhanced, or encountering pleasure. Even an ergonomically designed shampoo bottle is the anthropomorphic picture of an imagined hand. Critical viewers typically regard such representations with conscious skepticism and probably as often with unconscious approval. “The Pathos of Things,” at Carriage Trade, puts such contradictions under scrutiny. The... [more]
Posted by Noah Dillon on 3/25/13

Portraits and Mass Culture

by Yaelle Amir
is the inaugural show of the Soho space Carriage Trade, and as such embodies the gallery’s mission to celebrate and contextualize socially engaging work of established and lesser-known artists, while presenting a timely reflection on the state of our culture. This exhibition explores the manner in which public figures are disproportionately deified by mass media. It links the methods the media employs in order to imbue an individual with a sense of authority and reliability, namely by... [more]
Posted by Yaelle Amir on 3/16/08