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Fountain Art Fair's Resident Badass: An Interview with Elizabeth Tully

by Allyson Parker
Artslant Street got the chance to sit down with Fountain Art Fair director and resident badass, Elizabeth Tully. Armed with her tool belt and an iPhone, Tully is the creamy center of Fountain’s production cookie. Working between founders Johnny Leo and David Kesting, Tully packs a bark just as big as her bite and the result has been five years in the drivers seat of the critically acclaimed alternative art fair. Celebrated as one of the leading satellite exhibition spaces for the emerging... [more]
Posted by Allyson Parker on 3/5/14

FOUNTAIN: Movin' on Up

by Lori Zimmer
The Armory show may be the polished business man of fairs, but New York’s satellite fairs have personalities of their own. Volta is the Armory’s ambitious and brilliant little brother, SCOPE is the party-loving, creative sister, and then there’s Fountain--the nonconformist red-headed step child. For the past six years, Fountain has offered fairgoers an alternative art fair experience during Armory Arts Week, shirking white walls for plywood, and conceptual art for gritty street art and... [more]
Posted by Lori Zimmer on 3/8/12

On the Edge at Fountain

by Natalie Hegert
      The DIY spirit of Fountain art fair is apparent from the first step onto the rusty pier and into the pieced-together interior of the swaying ship. Everything is makeshift, the contours of the architecture dictating placement of the booths. (The ArtSlant winners booth: Julie Davidow talking to Adam Jahnke and his girlfriend Leslie, Davidow's wall painting pictured. To see more photos click here!)   Our first stop, naturally, was the ArtSlant booth where we displayed the winners... [more]
Posted by Natalie Hegert on 3/10/10
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