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by Julio Congora

The work showing at Woodward Gallery, “Knox Martin- Woman: Black & White Paintings”-----The Black and White paintings of Knox Martin give to and take from the drawing that he does all the time, as well as the interchange between large paintings, portraits and sculpture. Martin quotes Matisse: “Painting is an expanded drawing.” New doors are opened from one work to another. In this exchange, there is the continuous exploration of the Masters. Basic to Martin's work is the perception that... [more]
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Knox Martin - WOMAN: BLACK AND WHITE PAINTINGS White light radiates from the paintings in Knox Martinʼs exhibition “Woman: Black and White,” shown at Woodward Gallery, September 15 – November 13, 2010. For almost sixty years white has been a metaphor of light and an integral part of Knoxʼs art. Now, white illuminates not only the surface of Knoxʼs paintings but the depth of a masterʼs lifelong dedication to creation. “My subject matter is creation.” Knox proclaims. “Creation is man... [more]
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Knox Martin at Woodward Gallery by Robert Shuster, Best in Show - Village Voice - Best of New York (October 20, 2010)

Knox Martin at Woodward Gallery by Robert Shuster, Best in Show - Village Voice - Best of New York (October 20, 2010)       Daydreaming the females: Knox Martin's , 2010 Courtesy Woodward Gallery   How many artists in their ninth decade find themselves as vigorously inventive as Knox Martin? In 34 new paintings, most of which concentrate on the female figure (a favorite subject), the 87-year-old artist steers away from his familiar style—a brightly colored,... [more]
Posted by reviewer1 on 7/30/16

“Paintings of Women by the Handful,” by Benjamin Sutton, L Magazine (September 29, 2010)

“Paintings of Women by the Handful,” by Benjamin Sutton, L Magazine (September 29, 2010) Since very nearly the earliest chapters of art history, women have been among artists’ two or three preferred subjects (or objects, following feminism’s reframing of that history). Two new solo exhibitions three doors from one another on Eldridge Street attest to the feminine figure’s inexhaustible appeal. For Knox Martin, the female form remains a sensual muse that he dissects and reassembles using a... [more]
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"How Sweet It Is" by Gerard Haggerty

Like high fructose versions of Proust’s madeleines, Margaret Morrison’s sweet treats send our mind skipping back in time – specifically, back to childhood. When we were small, the kind of sugary goodies she paints loomed large, were prized and frequently forbidden; for after all, the injunction to “eat your vegetables,” did not include candy corn, except of course on that one anarchic day each year when children rule: Halloween. More often than not, Morrison’s imagery doesn’t evoke last... [more]
Posted by WOODWARD GALLERY on 2/28/09

current reviews

December 2008, ARTnews, National News, "Mementos of Ad Reinhardt's correspondence with a former student reveal the abstract artist's romantic side".- Feature article By ANN LANDI. November 14, 200, The New York Times, "Lower East Side: Art Shoehorned Amid Charm" By HOLLAND COTTER [more]
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Susan Breen

ARTnews, November 2008 Susan Breen Can abstraction work miracles? In other words, can that old black  (or red, yellow, blue, or white) magic still cast a spell? This sunny and unprentious show of Susan Breen's "Remedy" paintings- canvases that, she had explained, are meant to "work through any number of specific psychological, emtional, or spiritual difficulties"-- hinted at how abstract painting might try to effect a cure. The results were mixed.   In "Fear of Flight" (2007), a small... [more]
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press release

Woodward Gallery is proud to present Andy Warhol: Diamond Dust & Shadows, the complete 1979 diamond dust edition.  A special, historical exhibition of Warhol’s entire diamond dust Shadow print series will be exhibited together at Woodward Gallery’s LES location. While the winter months offer a dull, gray affect on the city, Warhol’s brilliant, glittering bold colors and curiously darkened shapes on paper will be on view for the public to escape to. This grouping is the only one of its kind... [more]
Posted by WOODWARD GALLERY on 2/6/08