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Goodbye Horses

by Chris Fitzpatrick
Jigsawmentallama is titled after an instrumental composition by the Virgin Prunes. And while different versions of the song exist, each alternate is defined by the same haunting atmospheric melody, which isn’t quite echoed in the works on display at DCP. Maybe the title is just homage, but the majority of works seem cut from a much brighter cloth. Still, if a bit confusing, Jigsawmentallama is a highly intriguing group exhibition, featuring works by an array of local favorites,... [more]
Posted by Chris Fitzpatrick on 11/23/09

Crisis Moments

by Jolene Torr
    Entering artist Pawel Kruk’s exhibit is to bear a tense atmosphere; I’m not sure if each piece really peeled away layers of the artist’s (and spectator’s) personal anxiety or if each piece added to the anxiousness of the one before it. When I walked in, a man was seated at a table under round lights, heavy and clinical like lights in the OR or an interrogation room. There was a TV set with a man reciting contemplations on art, distance, solitude and the material world; the audio for this... [more]
Posted by Jolene Torr on 8/23/09

Schizophrenic Sheep-Man

by Chris Fitzpatrick
Talking to yourself is very important proves an apt title for the seemingly schizophrenic experience that is Pawel Kruk’s first solo exhibition at David Cunningham Projects. One kind of conversation provokes another. Indeed, one may feel the need to talk to oneself while ambling through Kruk’s cryptic exhibition, viewing the series of interrelated works, coercing some mumbled reading to try and comprehend their disparate associative logic. To enter into the gallery is like eavesdropping on... [more]
Posted by Chris Fitzpatrick on 9/8/09

Coping is a pleasure

This show is a lot more fun than the description would have you think.  The large piece in the back room alone is worth a visit to the gallery.  Two huge water-filled heavy glass tanks on tall pedestals each contain a miniature mountain range.  The mountains are covered with minute air bubbles created when the tanks were filled with water.  A bright light above each tank creates reflections of the mountains both within and between the two tanks, which means the piece expands and changes as you... [more]
Posted by Carol Selter on 1/24/09

Those Boundless Geographies

by Jolene Torr
As I walk into the gallery, a video installation starts.  It's just the gallery assistant and me, alone in a dark room. The video plays. There are three screens.   Left screen: At the bottom of a valley sits singer-songwriter, Will Oldham. He stares out into the open desolate range, shifts and sighs and continues in deep meditation. The day is bright with a breeze sifting through the dense, dry, yellow grasses. Right screen: On top of a hill sits the artist, Richard T. Walker, and he, too,... [more]
Posted by Jolene Torr on 10/3/08