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Touched or Turned-On?

by Christina Catherine Martinez
SF Camerawork is hosting a signing for photographer Blake Little’s latest book, , a series of portraits that simultaneously celebrates and undermines traditional archetypes of masculinity. Each subject is shot in his own home or nearby, and they stare out at the viewer with a quiet, disarming self-composure that complicates the sexual undertones of their poses and/or states of undress. Am I to be touched or turned-on? Is this book even for me? Blake’s subjects represent a cross-section of gay... [more]
Posted by Christina Catherine Martinez on 11/15/11

In Wonderland

by Kristi Beardshear
Having grown up in a small house with 5 brothers and sisters, mostly younger, I am no stranger to the domestic chaos deftly documented by Julie Blackmon in her photographic series . I recognized all too well the characteristic playtime disorder—the toys littered about the room, the half-eaten food forgotten on the floor, the odd article of clothing cast off in the heat of play and left, lonely, in a corner. As the title of the show suggests, the images create a series of dual... [more]
Posted by Kristi Beardshear on 5/2/09

The Big Picture

by Michelle Y. Hyun
        Like most of the world, there has been more “Chinese” art appearing in San Francisco as of late. Despite the obvious commonality of each including the work of Chinese-born artists, these exhibitions are all very different in premise and exhibit artists from various generations. Yet, they end up sharing many of the same themes. After viewing these many exhibitions, such as at Mark Wolfe Contemporary, imPOSSIBLE! at the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery and Mission 17, Yan... [more]
Posted by Michelle Y. Hyun on 4/17/09

Brodie Emerging

by Georgia Fee
Rough, raw, wild.  Youth culture Americana style - backwoods, shantyville, riding the rails and scrapping out a life.  Born to be free? Lost generation?  Righteous romantics?  Brodie's vision of freedom and avant subculture runs the gamut from nightmare of aimlessness and degredation to post-punk torch bearers of my-way stubborness.  Whichever side of the track you come from, there is no denying that Brodie's work is exquisitely evocative and terribly awesome. - ArtSlant Team (Images... [more]
Posted by Georgia Fee on 4/28/08

Reconstructing Time

by laurie halsey brown
is a group exhibition curated by Chuck Mobley and Emma Tramposch. It is presently at SF Camerawork until May 24th. A reflection on the ability of photography to "reconstruct" time is not a new area of inquiry, but this exhibition considers this in a particularly relevant and insightful way. Each of the three artists in Past is an image we form in the present re-contextualizes photographic media in order to reveal another layer of meaning. Using found imagery; the artists tap into deeper level... [more]
Posted by laurie halsey brown on 4/19/08

War Toys by Katsushige Nakahashi

by Natalie Hegert
Katsushige Nakahashi's first solo show in the Bay Area consists of two large-scale photographic sculptural collages: one of the deck of the USS Missouri and one of a toy model, blown up to life-size proportions, of a Japanese Kaiten torpedo, the underwater equivalent of a kamikaze plane.  Four videos accompany the installations which give insights into the history  of the development and deployment of the Kaiten, the artist's process of photographic documentation and the assemblage of the... [more]
Posted by Natalie Hegert on 1/29/08
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