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Reputable Dealers and Brackish Water

by Aaron Carpenter
The actions of Matthew Sawyer employ an uneasy blend of charity and chicanery. In April of 2002 he abducted his neighbors shoes, only to spend the night carefully rendering a pair of swallows in flight across the soles before returning them undetected. More recently he purchased a red hooded sweatshirt from Gap and returned it for resale, not out of dissatisfaction with the product, but as an absurd gift; he used his brief ownership of the item to sew 40,000-year-old woolly mammoth hairs into... [more]
Posted by Aaron Carpenter on 9/27/11

The slow, unfettered shifting of the ground

by Allison Collins
I’ve been told that the fault line beneath Vancouver shifts slowly each year. Under the ground, the earth moves over time around the same distance as it would during a magnitude seven earthquake. This slow, drawn-out shifting is an all-but-imperceptible change to the city. The lack of noticeable up-and-down shakes, however, has never diverted our attention away from the land. The omnipresent mountain ranges, brooding sky and vast expanses of ocean to stare at almost forbid it.An exhibition... [more]
Posted by Allison Collins on 5/9/11